Can Shiny Nihilego be Obtained in Pokemon Go?

There are numerous cute Pokemon to capture in Pokemon Go, such as the formidable Nihilego. However, is it possible to capture a shiny Nihilego in Pokemon Go? Let’s investigate and discover the answer.

Despite not offering any significant improvements, shiny Pokemon are greatly coveted in Pokemon Go, as numerous players strive to exhibit their unique catch and add it to their Pokedex.

However, it should be noted that not all Pokemon have a Shiny variant available in Pokemon Go, causing some to wonder when they will be able to encounter their beloved creatures’ alternative appearance.

The mystical and highly powerful Nihilego is a primary focus of Pokemon Go’s June update. Therefore, players may wonder if it is possible to obtain a Shiny Nihilego in the game.

Is there a Shiny Nihilego in Pokemon Go?

Indeed, a June 2023 content update for Pokemon Go included the addition of Shiny Nihilego.

In July 2024, players of Pokemon Go will be given the opportunity to obtain a Nihilego through either the Go Fest Global event or by encountering it through Ultra Space.

During Go Fest Global 2024, Nihilego will be obtainable in 5-Star Raids worldwide on July 13-14, 2024.

Similar to the other Ultra Beasts, Nihilego will be obtainable for a limited time during the Inbound from Ultra Space event on July 9, 2024, through participating in 5-Star Raids.

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