Captain Lee’s Encounter with Carl Radke Over Podcast Episode

Despite their past friendship, it seems that Captain Lee Rosbach and Carl Radke may have had a falling out after the Summer House cast member confronted the Below Deck captain.

Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck and Carl Radke from Summer House have formed a strong friendship during their time as Bravolebrities.

It was planned for Captain Lee to be present at Carl and Lindsay Hubbard’s wedding in Mexico. During his podcast, ‘Salty With Captain Lee’, he revealed details about the ex-couple, including the fact that their wedding was intended to be recorded and broadcasted on Bravo.

Captain Lee weighed in on Carl and Lindsay’s breakup, citing the close relationship between the two as evidence. He mentioned that Kyle Cooke from Summer House had played a part in the couple’s separation by consistently badmouthing Lindsay.

Despite their previous friendship, it appears that Captain Lee and Carl are no longer on good terms. In a recent podcast episode, the Summer House star expressed his frustrations towards the Captain and his co-host Sam DeCavalcanti, who interviewed Carl about his abrupt separation from Lindsay.

Despite the Captain’s assurance that he had created a safe environment for Carl during their interview, promising not to include any information that Carl did not want to be shared on the official podcast episode, the Captain was surprised when his once-friend accused him of “taking advantage”and “putting him on the spot.”

In a podcast episode on June 5, Captain Lee clarified that they did not purposely put Carl in a difficult position during the interview. Instead, it was a relaxed conversation, much like a softball game.

“After stating that he never published the podcast episode at Carl’s request, he went on to say, ‘I don’t know what made him behave that way or what was going through his mind.’”

Despite having bonded over the shared experience of losing loved ones to addiction, Captain Lee revealed to US Weekly that he and Carl have not communicated in the past few weeks due to Carl’s busy schedule.

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