Celebrities Who Have Removed Full-Body Tattoos: From Han So-hee to Nana

Han So-hee posted a picture on her personal channel on June 7th, donning a black string sleeveless shirt that displayed her upper body adorned with temporary tattoo stickers.

Despite the contrast between her black tattoos and pale skin, Han So-hee’s debut in the entertainment industry was marked by the absence of the once prominent tattoos that used to cover her arms.

Han So-hee's Surprise: Tattoos Return After 20 Million KRW Removal
han so hee

According to reports, Han So-hee’s agency supported her decision to remove all of her tattoos, which cost approximately 20 million won. This news quickly became a trending topic.

During the interview, Han So-hee clarified, “The person I was back then is still a part of me, just as this current version of me is. It’s only been about 3 to 4 years since then and my perspectives and values haven’t altered much. The entertainment industry does impose certain limitations on one’s way of living, which has played a role in shaping my present self.”

At a brand event, Han So-hee shared that she has been using tattoo stickers as a way to cope with stress and even revealed a new tattoo on her waist.

Likewise, Nana, a singer and actress, is often brought up in conversations about tattoos.


In 2022, Nana gained media attention for her numerous tattoos that spanned from her collarbone to her feet. She revealed that she turned to tattoos as a means of coping with stress during a challenging period.

She stated, “At the urging of my mother, I am getting rid of all my tattoos. She expressed her desire to see my body without any ink.”

In 2023, Nana revealed that she was currently in the process of getting rid of all her tattoos.

While the number of people getting tattoos continues to increase, there remains a significant portion of the population who are uncomfortable with excessive tattoos. As a result, ongoing debates have emerged, with viewpoints divided between those who believe it is a valid form of self-expression and those who find it unpleasant to see.

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