Chained Soldier Season 2 Confirmed to be in Production

At Anime Expo 2024, Producer Yuki Watanabe announced that Chained Soldier season 2 will be produced by Studio Passione instead of Studio Seven Arcs. This news sparked a mixed reaction among fans.

Despite Studio Seven Arcs receiving praise for their work on season 1, there have been doubts regarding Studio Passione’s ability to adapt Chained Soldier, especially after their work on anime such as Mieruko-chan and the remake of Spice and Wolf. However, more information may be revealed during an event on July 20, where the main cast will be in attendance. The key visual and trailer released in March 2024 suggest that Ren Yamashiro will be the focus of season 2.

Please be aware that this article may contain some mild spoilers for season 2 of Chained Soldier.

Studio Passione to Adapt Chained Soldier Season 2

The production team behind the popular anime Chained Soldier has revealed that Studio Passione will take over for season 2, replacing the previous studio Seven Arcs. This announcement was made during Anime Expo 2024. While Seven Arcs was praised for their work on the first season, the news of the studio change has received mixed reactions from fans.

Despite Studio Passione’s experience with animes such as Mieruko-chan and the recent remake of Spice and Wolf, some fans have voiced concerns about their animation style being too lighthearted and potentially not suitable for Chained Soldier.

Yuuki Wakaru as shown in the anime (Image via Studio Seven Arcs)
Yuuki Wakaru as shown in the anime (Image via Studio Seven Arcs)

On July 20, a special event for the anime will feature appearances by key cast members, such as Yuya Hirose as Yuki, Akari Kito as Kyoka, and Yume Miyamoto as Himari.

The announcement for the second season of Chained Soldier was made in March of this year, with the addition of Kana Hanazawa to the cast as Ren Yamashiro. A key visual released in March 2024 hinted that the focus of the new season will be on Demon Defense Force Supreme Commander Ren Yamashiro, as seen in the trailer which promises an intriguing storyline for the protagonist.

The main roles in the series are played by Yuya Hirose as Yuuki Wakura and Akari Kito as Kyouka Uzen. The anime was helmed by Junji Nishimura as general director, with Goro Kuji directing at Seven Arcs Studios.

Final Thoughts

The definitive production quality of Chained Soldier season 2 remains uncertain, however, it is worth mentioning that Studio Passione has a track record of working on anime similar to Chained Soldier, their most notable being Highschool DxD Hero.

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