Chainsaw Man chapter 168: What to expect

After the previous issue was released earlier this week, fans were delighted to discover that Chainsaw Man chapter 168 would be coming out just one week later. This news brought a sense of relief for many fans who are feeling anxious about the series’ future after the unsettling events in the latest installment.

Regrettably, there is currently no reliable information regarding spoilers for Chainsaw Man chapter 168 at the time of writing this article. It is highly improbable that any spoilers will be accessible before the official release due to the nature of author and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series, which is primarily published digitally and therefore not subject to the typical spoiler protocol.

Despite this, fans can still expect to see certain developments and events in Chainsaw Man chapter 168, even without any spoilers. These will mainly center around Asa Mitaka and Denji’s interactions, as the two are likely to have a challenging conversation following the events of chapter 167.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 168: Denji and Asa’s Honest Conversation

As chapter 168 of Chainsaw Man begins, Denji will probably start by apologizing to Asa, feeling guilty about the events that took place in chapter 167. Despite Asa’s anger, she will probably reassure Denji that the situation is acceptable, as she directs her anger towards War Devil Yoru for using her body without her consent.

Similarly, Asa will most likely have this discussion with Yoru while Denji is present, leading Denji to believe she is speaking to herself based on the established dynamic between Asa and Yoru in the beginning of Part 2. This will ultimately lead to Asa confiding in Denji about her circumstances, especially after learning that he is also Chainsaw Man and shares a similar predicament.

Despite the likelihood of Chainsaw Man chapter 168 heavily abridging this conversation, Asa’s focus on the end result rather than the journey leading there may prompt Denji to share his experience as the Chainsaw Devil Pochita’s host. This may be an attempt to assist Asa and Yoru in developing a more functional and balanced relationship.

Additionally, this experience is bound to strengthen the connection between the pair, as Denji will likely feel more comfortable sharing details about his personal life and the role his carnal desires play as his “guiding compass.”Although Asa may not fully understand Denji’s perspective, she will still be moved by the larger picture of his life, particularly his origins and how they have influenced him into the person he is today.

At this moment, Yoru can be seen yelling at Asa, most likely expressing her disappointment in Asa for not taking advantage of the chance to fight Chainsaw Man. However, Asa will defend Denji by reminding Yoru that it is not the right time for a fight. Asa will also take a stand by figuring out how to gain control over their body intentionally, as opposed to it happening involuntarily when she is scared. This newfound control will be put to the test in this situation.

Upon reading this, Yoru will most likely vanish, leaving only a small portion of the chapter remaining. This will allow Asa and Denji to exchange some last words before reuniting with the rest of the group. The chapter will most likely conclude with everyone fulfilling their promise to get food, while hints of Famine Devil Fami’s impending actions become apparent.

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