Chainsaw Man chapter 171: What to expect

Despite the distressing reveal of Control Devil Nayuta’s current situation in the previous chapter, fans are eagerly awaiting the official release of Chainsaw Man chapter 171. However, it is unfortunate that the next installment for author and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s flagship manga series will not be available for approximately one week from the time of this article’s publication.

Fortunately, fans can expect certain elements and occurrences to remain consistent in Chainsaw Man chapter 171, even if they do not have access to confirmed spoilers. However, these primarily center around Nayuta’s condition and Denji’s potential actions, depending on the eventual revelation of Nayuta’s condition.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 171 May Reveal a Hidden Detail Fans Have Theorized About

In summary, in the last issue, Denji was given Nayuta’s severed head on a sushi conveyor belt. However, some sharp-eyed fans pointed out that there was a missing mole or freckle under Nayuta’s left eye. As a result, there have been speculations that chapter 171 of Chainsaw Man will reveal the truth that this is not actually Nayuta, especially due to the absence of this distinguishing feature. However, it should be noted that author Fujimoto has overlooked subtle details in the past, casting some doubt on this theory.

Therefore, the outcome of the situation will largely depend on whether Nayuta is truly deceased. In the event that she is alive, the issue will probably commence with Denji’s stunned reaction and disbelief as he gazes at Nayuta’s decapitated body. The rest of the group will likely turn to Famine Devil Fami and Barem Bridge for answers, leading to the revelation that Barem was following Fami’s commands all along.

Chainsaw Man chapter 171 is expected to feature Fami speaking, revealing that Denji must reach his lowest point in order to defeat the Death Devil. She will likely admit that Nayuta, although a valuable ally, was not as crucial as securing the core of the plan which revolves around Denji and War Devil Yoru/Asa Mitaka. This is where the focus will shift back to Denji, as his expression changes slightly for unknown reasons.

As Denji pulls his ripcord, transforming into the titular hero, Barem will likely recognize the change in expression and begin laughing. He may even joke about the prank and admit that he and Fami didn’t fully capture all of Nayuta’s features. The issue will likely conclude with Fami and Barem both expressing frustration that Denji saw through their plan, as they prepare to fight. Asa and Yoru may also join in the confrontation.

If Nayuta turns out to be deceased, the next issue will delve into darker and more serious themes. It is probable that the issue will begin with an introspective on Denji as he grapples with feelings of self-loathing, longing for Nayuta, and regret over his actions. Meanwhile, Fami and Barem will likely address the group, discussing the reasons behind their decision to kill Nayuta in a manner similar to before.

At this point, it is probable that Nayuta will start communicating with Denji through her head, imploring Chainsaw Man to rescue her just as Makima did before her demise in the final arcs of Part 1. This will likely trigger the summoning of the Hero of Hell, causing the rest of the group to flee outside and away from Denji, only to be trapped by Public Safety. The final panels of Chainsaw Man chapter 171 will likely show Denji also heading outside in his berserker state, signaling the start of his ultimate battle.

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