The Chainsaw Man manga comes full circle as Denji suffers Makima’s fate

This week, the latest installment of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga series was released, advancing the ongoing Denji Rescue arc. Fans were unsure of the arc’s duration, but it is expected to conclude soon with Asa and their team finally reaching Denji in the latest issue.

Similarly, the primary worry arose from the arrival of Takagi, the Public Safety Devil Hunter, and his accompanying Quanxi, with whom Asa and his team have been engaged in battle. As a result, Chainsaw Man enthusiasts are understandably anxious about the chances of Asa and his team surviving their current predicament.

Regrettably, this change in attention caused numerous fans to overlook a fascinating element of irony and poetic justice within the issue of Asa and co’s discovery of Denji. Specifically, his fragmented and boxed-up condition echoes the way he triumphed over one of the most formidable and intimidating villains in the series so far.

Denji Faces the Consequences of His Actions in the Latest Chapter of Chainsaw Man

Understanding the complete cycle

In the most recent Chainsaw Man installment, Asa and her companions stumble upon Denji’s dismembered body, which had been mutilated by the doctors at the Tokyo Devil Detention Center. Without hesitation, they carefully unpack and arrange his body parts on the floor, with the intention of utilizing the starter on his heart to bring him back to life.

Denji’s method of defeating Makima bears a striking resemblance to her ultimate fate. He dismembered her body and preserved it in Tupperware and takeout containers in his fridge. Over time, he consumed parts of her body in order to bypass her ability to transfer damage to innocent Japanese citizens.

Despite the criticisms directed towards Fujimoto as Chainsaw Man’s second part has unfolded, it is a notable full-circle moment. Some fans have gone as far as to claim that he has strayed from the style he established in part 1, suggesting that it feels as though two separate individuals wrote each section.

Despite being part 2, Fujimoto’s subtle callback to part 1 in his writing suggests that he is continuing the original story rather than creating a new one. This is further reinforced by the fact that it is Denji, the main protagonist, who was confined by Public Safety. Furthermore, Denji’s potential defeat of Makima could result in the evolution of Public Safety, making it even more significant as it comes full circle.

Denji’s fate holds even greater significance as he is the Chainsaw Man character who had previously boxed up Makima in order to defeat her. This same course of action, which ultimately led to Public Safety’s downfall, is now being carried out against Denji by the organization. It is possible that the doctors or higher-ups, who may have sympathized with Makima, were the ones responsible for this decision.

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