Chainsaw Man mangaka’s Goodbye, Eri one-shot rumored to receive film adaptation

On June 29, 2024, a rumor started to spread that an anime film adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s one-shot manga Goodbye, Eri, from the series Chainsaw Man, was in the works. The speculation originated from a reputable source, @MangaMoguraRE (Mogura), who is known for sharing general news about anime and manga. The basis of this rumor is the registration of a new website domain.

According to Mogura’s post about the rumored departure of Eri, the domain is registered as “Eri-Movie dot com”and appears to be legitimate. This is also supported by the site’s “Name Server.”However, Mogura emphasizes that nothing has been officially confirmed and their thoughts are only speculation at this time. Nevertheless, they suggest monitoring any potential upcoming works from the creator of Chainsaw Man.

Goodbye, Eri: Potential Success for Piggybacking off of Look Back and Chainsaw Man Adaptations

Despite Mogura explicitly stating that the information is based on rumors and speculation, it seems plausible that the Chainsaw Man mangaka may produce another anime film adaptation. The recent premiere of the Look Back anime film in Japanese theaters has garnered widespread praise from both critics and the general public. In light of this, the timing of the purported domain registration for the Goodbye, Eri film’s website is even more logical.

Fujimoto’s one-shot manga has garnered immense praise for its depiction of the relationship between the main characters, Eri and Yuta Ito. Fans have particularly praised the overall story and cinematic construction of the manga, including its panels. This cinematic style makes it a prime candidate for a film adaptation, further strengthening the speculation from Mogura.

The Look Back one-shot is also similar in its paneling, layout, and overall perspective. Moreover, with the Look Back film achieving incredible success in its opening weeks in Japanese theaters, it seems logical that another of Fujimoto’s cinematic mangas would also be adapted into a film. However, there is currently no confirmed information beyond the aforementioned website’s domain registration, making all of this speculation at the time of writing.

In April 2022, Fujimoto’s one-shot manga, Goodbye, Eri, was initially published on the Shonen Jump+ website/platform. It was then released in print in Japan in July 2022 and followed by an English translation in June 2023. Within just one day of its release, the one-shot had already accumulated over 2.2 million views on the Shonen Jump+ website.

In December 2018, Fujimoto’s popular manga series, Chainsaw Man, debuted in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It concluded its first part in December 2020 before returning in July 2022 with its second part, which is currently ongoing. The second part is now being published on the Shonen Jump+ platform.

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