Chapter 1117 Spoilers All But Confirm One Piece’s Major Sabo Theory

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, one of the most enduring fan theories in the One Piece community is that Sabo belongs to the D. Clan. This theory is fueled by the fact that Sabo’s full name, including his family name and possible middle initial, has yet to be revealed by series creator Eiichiro Oda. This intentional omission by Oda only adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding Sabo’s potential connection to the D. Clan.

Similarly, in the latest One Piece issue, released on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, Oda possibly provided fans with a substantial piece of evidence. In the issue, spoilers were leaked, revealing that Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast was abruptly cut off just as he was about to disclose information about a member of the D. Clan in present times.

In the lead-up to this statement, certain characters from One Piece who are known members of the D. Clan were observed, including Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teech) and Monkey D. Dragon. Additionally, Sabo was prominently featured, causing excitement among fans as Oda appears to be laying the groundwork for the revelation of Sabo’s family heritage.

One Piece Fans Speculate About Latest Sabo D. Clan Tease

Considering this, a significant detail from the most recent One Piece spoilers may shed light on why Sabo was featured without directly implying his affiliation with the D. Clan. Since Dragon was also shown, it is likely that the chapter revolved around the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, where Sabo serves as the second-in-command.

Keeping this in mind, the manner in which Sabo is portrayed will ultimately determine whether or not fans can consider his appearance here as confirmation of his membership in the D. Clan. Regrettably, the current spoilers do not provide this information, and fans will probably not have enough context to make a proper evaluation until the issue’s raw scans are released.

Despite this, there is still hope even if Sabo is not the main focus of this appearance. Oda is known for using red herrings to divert attention from important details in certain panels or scenes. Therefore, the placement of Dragon in front of Sabo while both are mentioned by Dr. Vegapunk in a panel may be another one of Oda’s deceptive tactics.

Additionally, Sabo’s origins in One Piece add credibility to this concept. Although he was born into a noble family, he rejected this privileged lifestyle due to his philosophical beliefs. This aligns perfectly with the idea that the D. Clan, known as the natural enemy of the gods or Celestial Dragons, is tied to Sabo’s true identity as having the Will of D.

Furthermore, Sabo’s role as the Flame Emperor, a title given to him by rebellious individuals who see him as a symbol of revolution against the Celestial Dragons, serves as further evidence of his opposition to the powerful ruling class. This association with the D. Clan further solidifies his status as a natural adversary of the Celestial Dragons.

Despite the upcoming release of chapter 1117, it is unlikely that fans will receive a definitive answer regarding this matter. However, the available information strongly suggests that Oda is intentionally building up to a reveal involving Sabo, which hopefully will come to fruition in the near future.

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