Concern over Cancellation of Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Fight – Report

There is growing concern that the highly anticipated boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul may not happen at all, following its postponement due to Tyson’s medical problems.

Despite the excitement surrounding Jake Paul’s upcoming fight against ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, it has faced extensive criticism from the combat sports community. UFC President Dana White has deemed it “ridiculous,”while Floyd Mayweather Jr has accused Paul of “stealing money”through the match.

Despite the fact that Tyson was advised by his doctors to lighten his training and recover from an ulcer flare-up, the fight had already been postponed.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix, the new date for the fight is expected to be announced on June 7. However, there is growing concern among other boxers on the card and those involved about the possibility of the fight happening.

“During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, it was revealed that there is genuine concern among other fighters on the card about the future of this specific event. Despite claims that it is a minor ulcer issue, the seriousness of such a condition cannot be ignored at this point in a professional boxer’s career when they need to be in top form for a fight.”

According to Mannix, the current plan is still to reschedule the fight for October or November. He also mentioned that he had been trying to meet with Tyson in New York, but the 57-year-old was always in “intensive training mode,”which could have contributed to his medical issue.

“According to him, there are worries among those involved in the fight that the Paul – Tyson match may not take place as planned. As a result, some fighters on this card may be seeking alternative opportunities to appear on future cards.”

“I don’t believe it’s completely impossible. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility, but there are people involved who are expressing doubts that this particular fight will actually happen.”

As of now, it seems that the fight is still happening, and the new date will be announced on June 7. If the bout does take place, it will also serve as Netflix’s first foray into the world of boxing, as the streaming company plans to broadcast the event.

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