Content Warning: How to get camera back after dying

It may come as a surprise that death is a common occurrence in Content Warning, and in such cases, it’s possible to lose your camera permanently. However, there is a solution to retrieving your camera, as long as you avoid dying on the final day of filming.

Losing all the amazing footage you captured in the Old World can be disheartening, especially when you are confident it will generate the necessary views.

Despite having the option to keep your footage if a team member manages to survive, the situation becomes much more dire when the entire team falls victim to the troublesome monster. Therefore, here is a guide on how to retrieve your camera after dying in Content Warning.

How to Retrieve Camera After Dying in Content Warning

You can retrieve your camera the following day in Content Warning by searching for it at the location where you had previously perished.

Filming in Content Warning
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You can go back and get your camera if the whole team dies.

Content Warning allows for a three-day window to accumulate the necessary views for a viral video. This means that even if your entire group perishes on the first or second day, you can return to the Old World and retrieve the footage from the previous day.

In the event that you pass away on the final day, your camera will be permanently lost and you will have to attempt the task again. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and ensure that at least one of your team members survives in order to retrieve the camera and escape.

If you are playing alone, simply ensure that the footage you capture features less menacing monsters so that you can gain the remaining views required for your run.

You can also skip this step entirely and capture plenty of excellent footage on your second or third day. Having a sufficient amount of high-quality footage can significantly increase your views, so it’s crucial to have the necessary equipment and start filming!

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