Critics React to New ACE SPEC Pokemon Card

Stellar Miracle is the upcoming release for the Pokemon TCG and we are currently in the midst of the card reveal season.

Although many cards from Stellar Miracle have received positive reactions from Pokemon TCG players, there have been some that have not been well-received by the community. In fact, a new card reveal has been deemed “underwhelming”by players.

The Japanese Pokemon TCG YouTube channel officially announced the addition of Deluxe Bomb (096/102) to the prestigious ACE SPEC roster. For those unfamiliar, ACE SPEC cards are incredibly strong, one-time use cards that players are limited to having only one of in their deck.

Deluxe Bomb ACE SPEC Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Deluxe Bomb ACE SPEC (096/102) Pokemon card.

While some ACE SPEC cards have the potential to drastically alter gameplay, it appears that the Deluxe Bomb card has failed to make an impact even before its release. According to PokeBeach’s translations, it’s clear why this particular card has failed to impress numerous Pokemon TCG players.

The card must remain attached to the Pokemon in the Active Spot in order for it to be utilized. If the Pokemon equipped with this card is damaged by an Attack, including being Knocked Out, the user has the ability to place 12 Damage Counters on the opponent’s Attacking Pokemon. Afterwards, the card Deluxe Bomb must be discarded.

Upon initial inspection, the card appears to be quite powerful. With 12 Damage Counters, it could be considered a one-turn protection for the Pokemon using it. However, the drawback of having to discard the card immediately and the possibility of not achieving a one-hit knockout make it too specific for certain situations.

In the forums, a Pokemon TCG enthusiast pointed out, “The lack of an accessible recycling method makes this card quite unimpressive. I believe it would have needed to offer a self-sufficient 2HKO on stage 2 exs to be considered a serious contender.”

Some individuals were also in agreement, as one player criticized the card as merely being “bulk”and another expressed frustration, stating, “It seems like they keep reproducing the same thing over and over again…”

Despite some reservations, others were hopeful about the Deluxe Bomb, with a number of players discussing its potential in battles and which decks it would complement. One Pokemon TCG enthusiast commented, “While I personally would have preferred a reprint of Rock Wall, the bomb does offer double the damage and could still be a valuable addition.”

Whether you’re feeling enthusiastic or underwhelmed about the new ACE SPEC, it is crucial to stay aware of the Stellar Miracle release as it is expected to contain highly powerful cards.

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