Deadpool and Wolverine Runtime: The Longest Deadpool Movie Ever Made

The upcoming movie, Deadpool & Wolverine, will not only kick off a new era for the MCU, but also serve as a monumental milestone for the Deadpool franchise.

Despite the abundance of cameos and Easter eggs for viewers to anticipate, they can also look forward to the film’s length, which will surpass that of any other installment in the trilogy.

According to CBR, the runtime for Deadpool & Wolverine is approximately 127 minutes, equivalent to 2 hours and 7 minutes.

The runtime of the first Deadpool movie was 108 minutes (1 hour and 48 minutes), while Deadpool 2 has a longer duration of 119 minutes (1 hour and 59 minutes).

Despite the fact that Marvel Studios has not made an official announcement, the outlet confirmed that the runtime shown on AMC theater’s website was taken down by the company, indicating that it may be subject to change.

Given the amount of ground the third film needs to cover, it is logical for Deadpool & Wolverine to be longer than the first two Deadpool movies.

In addition to bringing Deadpool, Wolverine, and other original X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, the multiverse storyline could also involve a variety of other beloved MCU characters.

If Marvel Studios maintains this runtime, including any post-credits scenes, Deadpool & Wolverine will rank as the 17th longest Marvel movie, falling just behind Spider-Man: Far From Home at 129 minutes (2 hours and 9 minutes).

The highly anticipated film, Deadpool & Wolverine, will make its debut in theaters on July 26th.

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