Definition of cherry picking — Bleach fans come to Kubo’s defense after Boruto fandom’s latest attack

A recent controversy has arisen among followers of the well-known manga series Bleach and Boruto. The disagreement revolves around the distinct artistic approaches of Tite Kubo, creator of Bleach, and Masashi Kishimoto, creator of the Boruto series.

Boruto supporters expressed disapproval of Kubo’s artwork, igniting a heated disagreement with Bleach supporters who defended Kubo and claimed that Boruto supporters were selectively choosing examples. There has always been a sense of competition between the Bleach and Boruto communities in the world of anime and manga, resulting in intense debates when comparing their characters and creators.

Criticism of Tite Kubo’s Art Ignites Fan Clash

The dispute sparked when a Boruto enthusiast, who goes by the username @theonetrueedge1 on X, expressed their criticism of a manga panel created by Tite Kubo, which featured the antagonist Yhwach. The panel depicted Yhwach seated on his throne, with dark backgrounds and minimal use of white ink. The user interpreted this as a lack of detail and subpar artistic elements from Kubo.

On the other hand, a Boruto: Two Blue Vortex panel featuring Sarada Uchiha in action received praise for its dynamic pose and well-balanced use of black and white ink, accompanied by a clear drawing. Fans argued that Kishimoto’s art style showcased a superior grasp of contrast, composition, and effectively portraying movement and emotion.

A manga panel from Tite Kubo's series (Image via Shueisha)
A manga panel from Tite Kubo’s series (Image via Shueisha)

Despite sparking a heated debate, this criticism was met with fans defending Kubo’s unique art style. They emphasized its intentional use of minimalism and dark tones to create a specific atmosphere and mood.

Despite accusations from Boruto fans, they argued that Kubo’s artwork successfully conveys the essence of his characters and storytelling through its unique style. Additionally, they claimed that Boruto fans selectively choose panels that support their narrative, disregarding the wide range of skills showcased in Kubo’s art.

Bleach Fans Defend Tite Kubo for Controversial Decisions

In a swift response to a tweet by @theonetrueedge1, fans of Tite Kubo rallied to defend the author’s creative choices and artistic vision. @ThomasSF42, an X user, accused Boruto fans of selectively choosing examples to bolster their argument in defense of Kubo.

“Haven’t even read or watched Bleach but the right one goes hard,”said an anime fan while praising Kubo’s art.

“Why are you comparing a fight scene to someone sitting down,”said another fan.

“stop comparing your third rate fav to the GOAT,”said a fan while taking a stand for Kubo’s series.

The fans argued that it would be unfair to compare the two manga panels. Both manga series have panels that are exceptional and others that may not be as impressive when viewed separately. They stated that judging the artists’ skills based on just one panel from each series is misleading and does not give credit to their overall body of work.

“Naruto/Boruto twitter fans must either have degradation kinks or are children because I dont think ive seen a fandom set themselves up before crying about getting attacked quite so much. Like seriously the TikTok Naruto/Boruto fandom is so much better than on twitter,”an anime fan lashed out on the Naruto and Boruto fandoms.

“And the Yhwach panel wich is really mid, still clears that ugly a** boruto panel,”said a fan.

These fans believe that the panel featuring Yhwach, a formidable character, was deliberately created to evoke a deep feeling of darkness, immense strength, and an ominous sense of foreboding. The dominant black color surrounding the character represented his unmatched power and the unsettling aura that surrounded him.

Final thoughts

A manga panel from Kishimoto's series (Image via Shueisha)
A manga panel from Kishimoto’s series (Image via Shueisha)

The intense disagreement between the two fanbases regarding manga art styles highlights the strong emotional attachment fans have towards their favorite series. While certain Boruto supporters expressed disapproval of Tite Kubo’s daring incorporation of black ink in a particular panel, devoted fans banded together to support his creative decisions, emphasizing the deliberate storytelling behind his visual choices.

A seasoned anime critic emphasized the significance of taking into account the broader narrative and thematic contexts when appreciating artistic styles in order to maintain a balanced viewpoint.

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