Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Game Modes, Platforms, Trailers, and More

Fans of the Delta Force franchise have a lot to look forward to as TiMi Studios has recently announced the release of their newest title, Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

TiMi Studio has made an official announcement about Delta Force: Hawk Ops, the latest addition to the renowned FPS shooter franchise. This highly anticipated edition of the beloved shooter, which first launched in 1998, is now confirmed and the developers have revealed thrilling new information about Delta Force: Hawk Ops. This includes details about game modes and exciting new features that are sure to please fans.

Is there a release date for Delta Force: Hawk Ops?

TiMi Studio has yet to confirm the release date for Delta Force, but they have announced during the Summer Game Fest that they will be launching an Alpha Test for PC players worldwide in July 2024.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Game Modes

Delta Force: Hawk Ops has announced three game modes: Hazard Operations, Havoc Warfare, and Black Hawk Down.

In Delta Force: Hawk Ops, Hazard Operations is a game mode where players can team up in groups of three, enter the map, collect resources, and make their way to one of the multiple extraction points.

Havoc Warfare is the traditional online game mode of Delta Force. It involves players being deployed on a vast map, where they can utilize various vehicles to navigate and engage in a realistic battlefield experience from a first-person viewpoint.

The campaign mode in Delta Force: Hawk Ops, titled Black Hawk Down, allows players to experience a remastered story offline. This mode features characters from earlier titles in the franchise, making it an immersive experience for players.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Platforms

Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be accessible on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC (via Epic Games and Steam), and mobile devices (including iOS and Android).

Delta Force: Hawk Ops gameplay

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a first-person shooter that encompasses the highlights of the franchise since 1998. It offers two online game modes and a campaign mode, giving you the opportunity to join Delta Operations.

Both virtual and physical games include Operators that possess distinctive Gadgets and Gears, along with a captivating array of customizable weapons and vehicles for navigating the vast maps.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops gameplay screenshot
TiMi Studio

Players will be able to mod their favorite weapons in Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Trailers

Since its initial announcement in August 2023, Delta Force: Hawk Ops has been showcasing gameplay videos of different game modes, with the developers continuously releasing new trailers. Take a look at all the trailers that have been unveiled by TiMi Studio for Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Teaser Trailer

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Official Announcement

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Gameplay Showcase: Havoc Warfare

Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Gameplay Showcase: Black Hawk Down Campaign

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