Demon Slayer: Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s Plan with Tamayo Exposed as More Sinister Than Anticipated

Despite always being portrayed as a character who showed nothing but empathy, Kagaya Ubuyashiki from the Demon Slayer series has recently gained a lot of attention from fans. This can be attributed to the final episode of season 4, which revealed his true character in his last moments.

Despite appearing incapable of displaying anger and rage, he was just as cunning as the other characters in the series. In his final moments, he demonstrated remarkable resilience, strength, and most significantly, complete disdain towards Muzan.

Despite his efforts to conceal it, his true emotions were revealed through the interaction between his Kasugai Crow and Tamayo in the anime series, showcasing his devious nature.

Demon Slayer: Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s Devious Nature Revealed: His True Intentions with Tamayo Exposed

We all thought he wanted her to come cure Nezuko. But Ubyashiki was more devious byu/No_Reference_7330 inKimetsuNoYaiba

The dynamic between Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s Kasugai Crow and Tamayo plays a crucial role in the development of the story. Despite being the leader of an organization dedicated to eradicating demons, Kagaya reached out to Tamayo in hopes of gaining an advantage over Muzan. In a war where the opposing sides are not evenly matched, the underdogs will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage.

Despite demons being superior in combat, humans have found ways to narrow the gap through evolution and innovation. This led to the remarkable accomplishment of demon hunters defeating the Three Upper Moon demons, marking the start of a full-scale attack against Muzan.

In a similar manner, Ubuyashiki discovered a cunning strategy to gain the upper hand against Kibutsuji Muzan – he sought assistance from Tamayo. Tamayo, a demon with extensive knowledge of botany, was able to aid in the reversal of Nezuko’s demon transformation. Furthermore, due to her extensive time in the world, she was well aware of Muzan’s vulnerabilities. Ubuyashiki saw the opportunity to utilize Tamayo’s expertise in his plan to defeat the Demon King.

Despite being fully aware of Shinobu Kocho’s past and her intense hatred towards demons, Kagaya Ubuyashiki did not hesitate to pair her up with one. Having lost her older sister to a demon, Shinobu has kept her anger and resentment bottled up. Though she maintains a calm facade, Kagaya’s keen ability to read people made it clear that he knew of her deep-seated hatred towards demons.

Kagaya Ubayashiki moments before blowing himself up (Image via Ufotable)
Kagaya Ubayashiki moments before blowing himself up (Image via Ufotable)

The Commander of the Demon Slayer Corps showed absolutely no hesitation when he requested the Insect Hashira to collaborate with Tamayo. Furthermore, he bravely sacrificed himself by planting explosives in his own living quarters.

Despite being fully aware that the explosives would not cause significant damage, he made the ultimate sacrifice by leading his two children and wife into death with him. He knew that this act would buy the demon hunters enough time to launch their attack.

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