Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes Exotic Mission Teased as Literally One of the Biggest

Bungie has teased that Destiny 2’s upcoming dedicated Episode: Echoes Exotic mission will be “literally one of the biggest”to date.

During an interview with GamesRadar, game director Robbie Stevens discussed the future of the live service title and revealed that there will be an upcoming Exotic mission in Echoes Act Three. According to Stevens, this mission is one of the largest they have built and is made possible by the new content schedule.

Despite being asked about the mission’s name and rewards, Stevens did not reveal any details about either. However, he did confirm that, similar to the rest of Episode: Echoes, the mission is connected to Nessus.

Act 1 of Echoes concluded on June 25. Rather than immediately diving into the middle chapter of the Episode, Bungie announced on June 27 in This Week in Destiny that Act 2 will commence on July 16, allowing players a three-week break.


Upon reading Stevens’ remarks on Reddit, a user expressed their desire for Echoes’ Exotic mission to not be a timed event like Dual Destiny’s.

“They expressed frustration, saying that they hoped the new Exotic mission would not be another timed mission. They wanted to fully appreciate the environments, rather than constantly watching a timer.”

“I also think we should have a more immersive experience,”another person chimed in, suggesting, “I don’t mind challenging encounters similar to those in Avalon, as long as they’re not timed and don’t require forced cooperation, which can make them inaccessible for solo players.”

There were also suggestions to find a way to include both playstyles. “I believe a timer should be added to each Exotic mission, granting an emblem and the opportunity to boast, while removing any mandatory timers. This way, those who enjoy speedrunning can do so, while others can take their time,”they proposed.

Ultimately, Guardians will have to wait for Bungie’s decision on which option they will choose. Currently, there are three available Exotic missions in Destiny 2. Two of these, Zero Hour and The Whisper, remain constant while the third rotates on a weekly basis.

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