Destiny 2 Exotic Mission Rotator: Schedule and Loot Table This Week

The Exotic Mission Rotator makes a comeback in The Final Shape, remaining as a fan favorite weekly activity and avoiding being placed in the content vault.

Over its many seasons, Destiny 2 has unveiled a wide array of seasonal weapons, including some highly sought-after options that are difficult for new players to obtain. It can be disheartening to realize that you have missed out on formidable firearms such as Retrofit Escapade, IKELOS_SMG, and Bump in the Night.

Fortunately, Bungie has addressed this issue in Season 22 by introducing the Exotic Mission Rotator. This weekly event allows players to obtain upgraded versions of previously vaulted Exotic weapons as well as past seasonal firearms.

What is the Exotic Mission Rotator in Destiny 2?

Presage Exotic Mission to get Dead Man';s Tale in weekly Rotator.

Exotic Mission Rotator brings back fan-favorite Exotic quests like Presage.

The Exotic Mission Rotator was initially introduced in Season of the Witch as a weekly event that allows players to complete and acquire rewards from previous Exotic quests.

The rewards consist of new versions of previously available Exotics that can be crafted, a selection of old seasonal firearms that were previously unobtainable through this activity, as well as Red Border drops for numerous highly sought-after Legendary weapons that can now be crafted.

Every week, a different Exotic Mission will be highlighted, offering its own exclusive rewards and the opportunity to craft a unique Exotic item.

Accessing the Exotic Mission Rotator in Destiny 2

The updated Exotic Mission Rotator in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

Destiny 2’s featured Exotic mission changes every week and can be found on the Legends tab.

To access and play old Exotic missions, simply go to the Destinations tab, select Legends, and click on the featured weekly Exotic quest.

To begin each mission, one must own either the corresponding expansion or season that is linked to the Exotic weapon in question.

Exotic Mission Rotation schedule

The Final Shape has been replaced and a new rotation for Exotic Missions has started, featuring a different Exotic Mission every week. Each one offers its own exclusive Exotic weapon and loot pool.

The current Exotic Mission highlight is //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//, which presents an opportunity to obtain Vexcalibur (Void Glaive). This mission will continue to be featured until the Weekly Reset on June 25, 2024.

The complete schedule for the Exotic Mission Rotator during Act 1 of Episode 1: Echoes is presented below:

Date Exotic Quest Featured Exotic Weapon
June 4 A dark voice Dead Messenger
June 11 Operation: Seraph’s Shield Revision Zero
June 18 //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// Vexcalibur
June 25
July 2
July 9

Exotic Mission Rotator Loot Table

Every Exotic mission currently accessible offers its own distinct selection of rewards for Destiny 2 players to obtain. These potential drops consist of previously released seasonal weapons that can be crafted by players.

Players can receive three guaranteed Red Border drops every week by completing the following tasks:

  • Finish the highlighted Exotic Mission on Regular difficulty.
  • To successfully finish the highlighted Exotic Mission, it is necessary to play it on Legend level of difficulty.
  • Complete the featured Exotic Mission twice on any difficulty.

Despite being completed in the same week, obtaining seasonal weapons from the appropriate loot table will not guarantee them to have Red Borders.

The loot tables for the three Exotic quests currently in the Mission Rotator are listed below.


Austringer Beloved Bump in the Night
CALUS Mini-Tool Drang (Baroque) Firefright
Hollow Denial Nezarec’s Whisper Tears of Contrition
Without Remorse

In addition, the Eidolon Pursuant armor set, first released in Season 17, can be earned by you.

A dark voice

Explosive Personality Piece of Mind Recurrent Impact
Sweet Sorrow Thoughtless Under Your Skin

Furthermore, the Tusked Allegiance armor set, originally introduced in Season 16, is also available for you to acquire and equip.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Disparity Fire and Forget IKELOS_HC_v.1.0.3
IKELOS_SG_v.1.0.3 IKELOS_SMG_v.1.0.3 IKELOS_SR_v.1.0.3
Judgment of Kelgorath Path of Least Resistance Retrofit Escapade
Tripwire Canary

In addition, the Warmind’s Avatar armor set, which was first introduced in Season 19, is available for you to earn.

To avoid missing out, mastering the Exotic Mission Rotator is not the only Destiny 2 feature required. In addition, Deepsight Harmonizers and this month’s Promo Codes should also be taken into consideration. For those in need of an optimized loadout, guides on the top Exotic Weapons, PvE Weapons, and PvP Weapons for Destiny 2 The Final Shape are available.

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