Did BLACKPINK’s Jennie Have a Dislike for Smoking in the Past?

A post was recently uploaded on Nate Pann by a netizen, titled “BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s past aversion towards smokers”, which has caught the attention of many netizens. The post includes screenshots from a video where Jennie can be seen noticing someone smoking on the street and telling them to “Stop smoking. Go to the designated smoking area”.

The internet user also mentioned, “However, she has now reached the point of smoking in the presence of her makeup team.”


Replying to this, additional online users left their thoughts:

As a non-smoker, I used to criticize people who smoked and tell kids to quit. However, now that I am a smoker, I understand why people smoke and can empathize with their choices.

– It’s been a long time since then. I understand that it’s best to avoid smoking as much as possible, but I ended up developing a habit without even realizing itㅋㅋ However, it seems like many girls these days are using e-cigarettes, right? Even though many university students seem to steer clear of smoking, I’ve noticed some of them using e-cigarettes during breaks.

Smoking indoors is definitely a negative behavior, but claiming that it will significantly damage a celebrity’s image seems like an overstatement. As an established artist, she doesn’t need to constantly project a cute image like a rookie. It would be more understandable if she actually does smoke.

– I’m not trying to defend her, but that’s what you would say in a public setting. This is especially true for celebrities who have their face constantly exposed to the public. It’s normal for them to make such statements in front of the camera. Perhaps she did not smoke at that time.

“Did she start smoking before entering the entertainment industry? It seems like many people who are not smokers end up picking up the habit while working in this industry.”

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