Did Kim Soo-hyun’s Porsche Follow Kim Ji-won to Her Schedule?

The past few days have been filled with speculation about a possible romantic relationship between “Queen of Tears”stars Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun. On May 15th, a video clip suggesting their romance was shared on various online platforms. The clip also showed a Porsche 911, valued at 350 million won, at Incheon International Airport on the day Kim Ji-won departed for her international schedule, adding fuel to the dating rumors.

kim ji won-kim soo hyun

The presence of a Porsche at the “Queen of Tears”wrap party on April 27th, where Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won were in attendance, caught people’s attention. This has led fans to speculate if the Porsche belonged to Kim Soo-hyun and if he had driven it to the airport to show support for Kim Ji-won.

In addition, there were rumors circulating that on May 12th, Kim Ji-won was seen being escorted by Kim Soo-hyun’s bodyguard at the airport. This only fueled the already existing speculation about a potential romantic relationship between the two in real life.

kim ji won-kim soo hyun

Despite conflicting opinions among netizens, many are praising Kim Soo-hyun for his rumored act of driving his car to the airport to support Kim Ji-won. Some believe that this shows his deep affection for her and fuels the speculation that the two are in a secret relationship.

Despite evidence proving that the Porsche was not owned by Kim Soo-hyun, there were still some netizens who believed otherwise. This was evident in a video taken at the “Queen of Tears”wrap party, where the Porsche had already left before Kim Soo-hyun arrived. Some fans even speculated that the true owner of the car might be Kim Ji-won’s boyfriend.

In addition, there are others who have proposed a different theory that the sasaengfan could be Kim Ji-won’s.

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