Discussion About YG in Upcoming Song by BLACKPINK’s Jennie

On June 19, Jennie from the K-pop group BLACKPINK created a TikTok account and posted a video using her song “SOLO”as the soundtrack. The next day, she uploaded another video showcasing her partnership with BeatsByDre.

In the video, the song being played is labeled as “UNTITLED – Jennie”and is linked to Jennie’s personal profile, indicating that it is a previously unreleased track by Jennie.

jennie blackpink

Due to this, internet users begin to give careful scrutiny to the lyrics, which are as follows:

“Being taken for granted and held hostage,”

We carried the baggage, and the past was carried alongside us.


The writing of the future took place.

They didn’t expect women to step up and take charge.

Despite their lack of planning, we emerged from history with the attitude of “f*ck it.”

We came out of history like justice but they didn’t want it.

The lyrics are thought to allude to Jennie’s time as a member of BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment, where she may have faced mistreatment and felt like she was being held hostage, as well as being burdened with the weight of the group’s struggles.

Despite the criticism and negativity from haters, who were envious of BLACKPINK’s accomplishments, they could not deny that the group had made a significant impact in the industry. Additionally, Jennie’s talent and strength as a female artist were acknowledged, proving that she could hold her own.

Overall, the response from fans regarding the song has been positive, with many praising the lyrics and labeling it a “feminist diss track”and an example of “queen behavior”from Jennie.

The source of the information is Krb, from X.

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