Do Natsu and Lucy end up together in Fairy Tail?

It is no surprise that Natsu and Lucy, two beloved members of Fairy Tail, capture our attention with their undeniable charm. As we witness their interactions, it is only natural for viewers to wonder, “Why haven’t they become a couple yet?”

Throughout the series, the three seasons of the Fairy Tail anime have caused us to ponder about the potential relationship between Natsu and Lucy. Is there any development between the two? It is a topic that can be debated. So, with three seasons full of Natsu-Lucy gossip, let us explore this subject further.

Who are Natsu and Lucy? How did they Meet?

Natsu is a fire dragon slayer and Lucy is a runaway teenage girl, also a celestial wizard, who aspired to join Fairy Tail, the top guild in Fiore.

A random meeting between the two ultimately sparks an adventure, and Natsu extends an invitation for Lucy to join Fairy Tail, which she eagerly accepts.

Natsu and Lucy
Natsu and Lucy Running from the Knights | Source: Fandom

This iconic scene from the first episode of Fairy Tail marks the beginning of the adventure. Natsu causes chaos by destroying an entire harbor and then invites Lucy to join the ranks of Fairy Tail as he makes a hasty escape.

Current Relationship

Lucy and Natsu share a strong bond of trust as close friends. This level of trust is not only present between the entire Fairy Tail guild, but it is especially prominent between Lucy and Natsu due to the countless quests they have completed together. Their relationship has been strengthened by the significant amount of time they have spent in each other’s company.

Ever since the Phantom Lord incident, Natsu has consistently been there for Lucy whenever she was in need. From her kidnapping to the final moments of the series, Natsu has proven himself to be a reliable ally. Just as Lucy trusts Natsu, he knows she will always have his back during any battle.

Natsu and Lucy
Natsu and Lucy fighting Jacob together | Source: Fandom

Is Lucy Never Gonna Give You Up?

Lucy’s Feelings for Natsu

Lucy’s Loyalty to You

Considering Lucy’s actions towards Natsu at various moments throughout the series, it seems likely that the answer to this question is yes.

In the 50th installment of Fairy Tail, titled “Special Request: Beware of the One You Have Feelings For”, when Natsu approached Lucy and mentioned having something important to discuss, she immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was going to confess his feelings to her. However, this was not the case; Natsu had something unrelated to say, but Lucy was too preoccupied fantasizing about being in a romantic relationship with him and couldn’t help but blush.

This could have been the initial sign or start of her developing feelings for him.

Lucy’s constant emotional outbursts whenever something happens to Natsu serve as a clear indication of their strong bond. This has been a recurring event throughout the series, such as in the movie Dragon Cry when Lucy believed Natsu had perished, or when Natsu was left in a coma due to the growth of the demon seed within him.

Despite this, it remains significant to acknowledge that Lucy has never openly expressed her romantic feelings for Natsu throughout the entirety of the series.

Does Natsu have feelings for Lucy?

Lucy holds great significance to Natsu, making this question more challenging with a less definite solution. This is evident in the numerous occasions where Natsu has expressed his fury in defense of Lucy.

During the Eclipse arc, there was one moment that suggested Natsu may have romantic feelings for Lucy. When he encountered Lucy from the future and learned of her struggles, he offered her reassurance and promised to change the future for the better for everyone.

Natsu consoles Lucy
Natsu Consoles Future Lucy | Source: Fandom

In a tragic event, the future Rouge kills future Lucy, leaving everyone in tears. Natsu, who rarely cries in the series, makes a vow to protect Lucy’s future and prevent anyone from taking it away. This displays the depth of Natsu’s feelings towards Lucy and her importance in his life.

Returning to the original question: Does Natsu have feelings for Lucy? At this point, all we can confidently say is that there is insufficient evidence in the anime to determine a definite answer.

Are Natsu and Lucy Together?

Despite the couple’s undeniable chemistry, it is frustrating that after three seasons, Natsu’s obliviousness and Lucy’s shyness continue to hinder their potential as a couple.

Although the answer to this question is currently no, there is still potential for change. Fairy Tail has returned with its latest season, Fairy Tail 100-Year Quest, and as the story progresses, we can anticipate some development in the relationship between the two characters.

About Fairy Tail

Hiro Mashima is the author and illustrator of Fairy Tail, a manga series from Japan.

On his adventure in the Kingdom of Fiore, Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild, befriends a celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia and extends an invitation for her to join Fairy Tail.

Lucy consents and joins forces with Natsu and his feline companion, Happy. Additional members, including an ice wizard named Gray Fullbuster, a magical knight named Erza Scarlet, and a dragon slayer and Exceed duo named Wendy Marvell and Carla, later joined the team.

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