Does Inosuke die in Demon Slayer? Explained

Inosuke Hashibira is a main character in Demon Slayer and is renowned for his use of Beast Breathing in combat. Throughout the Hashira Training arc, he is depicted as determined and fully committed to his training under the guidance of the Hashira.

Despite his feminine face, Inosuke possesses immense strength and is one of the most formidable characters in the series. His muscular build, short temper, and exceptional swordsmanship add to his impressive abilities, which are further enhanced by his mastery of Breathing Style swordplay, incredible physical endurance, and supernatural talents.

As the anime approaches its final arc, where the demon slayers will face off against the formidable Demon King Kibutsuji Muzan, many are wondering if Inosuke will survive. Thankfully, the boar-headed warrior will not meet his end just yet, as he triumphs over the Upper Moon 2 Demon, Doma, and lives to witness the series’ climax.

Please note: This article may contain spoilers from the Demon Slayer anime series and reflects the author’s personal opinions.

Discovering the Fate of Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer

Kanao (left) and Inosuke (right) returning alive (Image via Shueisha)
Kanao (left) and Inosuke (right) returning alive (Image via Shueisha)

During the Infinite Castle arc, Inosuke made a dramatic entrance to join Kanao in her battle against Doma, who had devoured Shinobu. Upon learning of Shinobu’s tragic demise, Inosuke’s determination to avenge her, someone who had shown him kindness, only grew stronger as he vowed to defeat the Upper Moon Demon.

Despite Doma’s relentless physical and mental attacks, Shinobu’s strategic thinking and Kanao’s desperate use of breathing techniques ultimately led to his defeat. Though both women sustained injuries, they emerged victorious and left the battle alive.

Shinobu as seen in the anime (Image via Ufotable)
Shinobu as seen in the anime (Image via Ufotable)

During the Hashira Training arc, Shinobu reveals her plan to defeat Doma, the Upper Moon 2 demon who had killed her older sister, to Kanao. Her strategy involved offering herself to Doma, causing him to ingest her poison-laced blood and ultimately weakening him. As Shinobu’s blood was a combination of both blood and poison, it would prove to be a lethal weapon against the demon.

Despite Kanao’s insistence that they could defeat the Upper Moon demon Doma together, she remained convinced that this was the only way to gain an advantage over him, as his body would become more fragile.

Inosuke after hearing about Shinobu's death (Image via Shueisha)
Inosuke after hearing about Shinobu’s death (Image via Shueisha)

During the Infinity Castle arc, Doma successfully consumed Shinobu as she had intended, however, the effects of the poison were not immediate. Kanao is on the verge of falling victim to Doma’s Blood Demon Art until Inosuke dramatically arrives to intervene.

Upon his arrival, he received the devastating news of Shinobu’s passing. She had been the only one to show kindness towards him, even with his wild behavior. Fueled with determination, he unleashed his Beast Breathing and charged towards Doma, vowing to avenge Shinobu’s death. Doma was taken aback by Inosuke’s agility and made a remark about knowing his past.

Despite Inosuke denying his claims and insisting that he was raised by boars in the mountains, Doma reached into his head and forced him to relive the painful memories of his mother. She had joined Doma’s cult, only to be betrayed and killed by his hands. Despite the agony, Inosuke stood his ground until the poison from Doma’s attack finally took effect.

Inosuke after defeating Doma (Image via Shueisha)
Inosuke after defeating Doma (Image via Shueisha)

With Doma’s body melting away, Kanao and Inosuke unleashed their ultimate attack. Kanao pushed herself to activate her final Flow Breathing, even at the cost of her eyesight, as she charged towards the Upper Moon Demon. In the crucial moment, Inosuke employed his Beast Breathing, utilizing the Sudden Throwing Strike technique to boost Kanao’s strike and successfully sever Doma’s head from his body.

Upon defeating the demon, Inosuke let out a loud scream but soon felt the consequences of exerting himself too much. They both left the scene, having successfully taken down one of the most powerful demons. As a result, Inosuke survives in Demon Slayer and is able to share the story of their triumphant battle.

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