Dragon Ball Z Fans Express Displeasure with Lazy Reference in Superman TV Show

Some people enjoy the crossover in My Adventures with Superman, which included a noticeable reference to Dragon Ball Z, while others feel that it may be a bit excessive.

Supergirl was introduced in the final episode of My Adventures with Superman, and as expected, Superman’s cousin caused quite a stir. Viewers were particularly drawn to her costume, which heavily takes inspiration from one of the most beloved anime series of all time, Dragon Ball Z.

Supergirl’s outfit appears to be a clear tribute to Android 18, with a waistcoat, jeans, and a shorter haircut. While it suits her well, opinions among fans are divided.

“One user on X/Twitter wrote, “That’s not inspiration, that’s just copying.”Another commenter added, “I personally find it lazy.”

Many responses share this sentiment, believing that labeling such a nod as “inspired”is insincere because it is a direct copy. One account even stated, “This is not a reference, but rather a blatant plagiarism.”

Many view it as a tribute to the influences of My Adventures with Superman. “Since this show draws inspiration from anime, it’s a perfect fit,”states another post.

Some people recognize that there is a deeper connection at play here. By utilizing the same origin story as Superman – an alien from a doomed planet who grows up to protect humanity – through the iconic Dragon Ball appearance, Goku strengthens the conversation between the two franchises.

“It could be argued that it’s only fair, considering that DBZ borrowed elements from Superman’s origin story. In fact, some users believe that the first season of Superman and Lois cleverly retells the Saiyan Saga.”

By watching My Adventures with Superman on Max, you can gauge your emotions.

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