Dragon’s Epithet in One Piece: Unraveling his Powers and Role

While there are many mysteries surrounding One Piece, few are as significant as the role and abilities of Monkey D. Dragon. As both Luffy’s father and a former Marine, he holds a powerful position as the leader of the Revolutionary Army and is therefore the most sought-after individual by the World Government. A recent theory has emerged, linking him to the Indian caciques of Peru from centuries ago and their valiant resistance against Spanish inquisitors.

Despite being referred to as “Dragon”by the One Piece fandom, this nickname is not simply a reflection of his mythical connections. Instead, it is tied to his moniker, “The Insurgent Serpent,”which is directly linked to his formidable abilities. Despite being a formidable force against the World Government, Dragon remains a mysterious and elusive figure in the story, with very little information known about him.

This article includes spoilers for the series and is not intended for those who wish to avoid them.

New Theory on the Abilities and Role of Monkey D. Dragon in One Piece

According to this theory, Dragon’s character is believed to have been influenced by Tupac Amaru II, who was born as José Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera in 1742 in the Tungasuca region of Peru, which was then a part of the Spanish Empire. Tupac Amaru II was a leader of a rebellion against the Spanish Empire, and the theory suggests that similarities between the Shandian people in the Skypiea arc and Dragon could indicate a connection between the two. This is due to their shared markings.

According to the theory, Dragon’s Devil Fruit may be a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit of the Amaru model, a creature often depicted as a fusion of a dragon and a serpent. The theory also proposes that the Amaru was revered in Inca culture as a symbol of resistance against oppression, similar to how Dragon uses the Revolutionary Army to fight against tyranny.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the Spanish Empire executed Tupac Amaru II due to his actions, with his final words being “I will return and I will be millions.”This has led some to propose that in the series, Dragon may meet his demise in a battle against the World Government. However, his revolutionary ideals and actions are believed to leave a lasting impact on millions of individuals for generations to come.

The Role of Dragon in the Series

Dragon in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Dragon in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Without a doubt, Dragon is regarded as one of the most enigmatic figures in One Piece, sparking numerous expectations from fans. Being the head of the Revolutionary Army, he is automatically at odds with the World Government, adding to the anticipation of witnessing his prowess, particularly due to the limited information known about him by readers and viewers.

Despite being a member of Garp and Luffy’s family and carrying the Will of D, Dragon has not had many opportunities to showcase his true strength. This could be author Eiichiro Oda’s greatest hurdle in developing the character, as the story has not yet allowed him to fully demonstrate his abilities. However, given the expectations surrounding his lineage and background, it is widely believed that Dragon possesses immense power and will play a significant role in the overarching plot.

Final thoughts

Within the One Piece fandom, Dragon has frequently been likened to and connected with the Inca culture, and this theory serves as another instance of that. Despite this, the reality remains that there is limited knowledge about this character and their abilities in battle.

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