Dynamax coming to Pokemon Go but players are worried about “Kaiju” balancing

The addition of a new feature never fails to excite Pokemon fans. It is evident in the current buzz surrounding Mega Evolutions in the Pokemon Legends Z-A community, despite the mechanic not being available yet.

Thanks to an official post by Pokemon Go X, players of the popular game are now eagerly anticipating the introduction of Dynamaxing, putting them in a comparable situation as other gamers.

For quite some time now, there have been widespread rumors within the community about the massive mechanic. The Dynamax Wartortle featured in the artwork below has left most players ecstatic.

Despite the excitement surrounding the introduction of Dynamaxing in Pokemon Go, there are a few individuals who have expressed worries about its potential implementation. These concerns were discussed by fans in an online debate on the topic, analyzing which aspects could potentially pose problems.

The individual who made the initial post requested contributions from other members of the community regarding their thoughts on how Dynamaxing could enhance the experience of playing Pokemon Go.

During a discussion, a player revealed, “It is uncertain… Dynamaxing Pokemon causes them to enter a Kaiju state, only boosting their HP stat and granting them access to Dynamax Moves. Gmax has a similar effect.”They also mentioned that utilizing Dynamax ‘mons in PvE content would be the most effective strategy.

“One person added, “It’s definitely a unique dilemma. Unlike Mega Evolution, Dynamax/Gigantamax doesn’t alter a Pokemon’s stats. It simply doubles their HP. Perhaps you could use it to make a raid attacker even more durable?”

When discussing Mega Evolution, a number of players expressed their worries that Dynamaxing might be perceived as a less powerful substitute. A viewer remarked, “If Max forms were introduced as a less potent version of Mega, why not continue that trend? What if Dynamaxing offered a greater self-boost but could only be activated during battle and had a limited duration?”

Dynamax Dragonite from Pokemon anime.
The Pokemon Company

Dynamax Dragonite from the Pokemon anime.

Despite the excitement surrounding the arrival of Dynamaxing in Pokemon Go, there were some viewers who were not optimistic about its impact. When asked about their thoughts on what Dynamaxing would bring to the game, one fan expressed concern, stating, “I fear it may bring confusion, bugs, misinformation, and aggravation – not necessarily in that order.”

Some also seized the chance to showcase their preferred Dynamaxed Pokémon. An enthusiastic fan declared, “I’m choosing Dynamax Blissey”while another quipped, “Pikachu definitely needs a Dynamax hat.”

Despite criticism from some, mechanics such as Dynamaxing are seen as exciting opportunities for players to try out new features.

With that being said, it should be noted that no official confirmation has been made about the mechanic, aside from the artwork in the linked X post.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available, so please check back for further updates.

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