EA FC 24 Ligue 1 TOTS Upgrade SBC Solutions and More

The Ultimate Team has now made live the EA FC 24 Ligue 1 TOTS Upgrade SBC, which is an exciting chance for players to obtain special cards from the current promo. Upon completing the challenge, you will receive a pack that guarantees one of the various items included in the Ligue 1 TOTS lineup. EA Sports has kept the SBC requirements simple for players.

EA FC 24 Ligue 1 Team of the Season Upgrade SBC Tasks

The individual task makes this an ideal challenge for both new and experienced players. In fact, EA Sports has lowered the requirements for the Ligue 1 TOTS Upgrade, in comparison to previous Upgrade SBCs for the Bundesliga and Premier League.

Task 1 – Upgrade to Ligue 1 TOTS

  • Min. 1 Players from TOTS (excluding Red Picks)
  • Min. Rating of Squad: 87

To successfully complete this challenge, you must include at least one TOTS item, excluding Red Pick items. Fortunately, there are numerous affordable options for obtaining TOTS cards currently available on the market.

EA FC 24 Ligue 1 Team of the Season Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solutions

Despite having only one task, it is advantageous to opt for the most cost-effective solutions. This strategy will contribute to enhancing the value of your ultimate rewards. Any saved resources can be utilized for upcoming content releases.

Task 1 – Ligue 1 TOTS Upgrade

  • Fabinho 84
  • Wendie Renard 88
  • Bernardo Silva 88
  • Koen Casteels 84
  • Bruno Fernandes 88
  • Christina Endler 88
  • Luka Modric 87
  • Stanislav Lobotka 84
  • Lena Oberdorf 87
  • Cucho Hernandez ALL 88
  • Laura Freigang 83

The Ligue 1 TOTS Upgrade SBC for EA FC 24 should not exceed 60,000 coins, making it a reasonably priced option if you have all the necessary players in your Ultimate Team. For those with a larger budget and in need of an attacker, the Lacazette Ligue 1 TOTS SBC is a fantastic selection. Additionally, the obtained special card can be further upgraded through evolution.

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