EA FC 24: Path to Glory Upgrade Tracker

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is now offering live cards through the Path to Glory promotion. Keep up to date with our PTG upgrade tracker to stay informed.

In honor of major international tournaments such as Euro 2024 and the Copa America, EA FC 24 is undergoing a Festival of Football transformation.

As a part of the celebrations, Ultimate Team is introducing the classic Path to Glory promotion, which will feature live cards in the game.

PTG Upgrade Tracker for EA FC 24

The EA FC 24 Path to Glory event is scheduled to launch on June 7, directly following the release of the Festival of Football update in the game.

This upgrade tracker is suitable for players who are fortunate to acquire a PTG player item. It can be utilized to monitor any potential upgrades that may be available.

In addition, players of EA FC 24 should also pay attention to the upgrades of Greats of the Game during the Euro and Copa America tournaments.

Currently, there is no information indicating which players will be included in the PTG promotion. As soon as the players are announced, we will update the upgrade tracker below.

Player Name Nation Base Rating Win 1 Win 3 Win QF WinSF Win Final Upgrade Rating

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Path to Glory upgrades explained

Path to Glory upgrade path EA FC 24
EA Sports

Path to Glory is a classic Ultimate Team promo.

The inclusion of players from the Euro 2024 tournament has been confirmed in the graphic above for EA FC 24’s Path to Glory promo, where upgrades are correlated to real-life performances in international competitions. Additionally, it is rumored that players from Copa America will also be featured.

The PTG upgrade path in EA FC 24 is outlined below:

  • Win 1: +1 overall rating
  • Win 3: +1 PlayStyle+
  • Win QF: +1 overall rating
  • Win SF: 5*SM / 5*WF or +1 overall rating
  • Win Final: +1 overall rating

We believe that players who already have a 5*SM / 5* WF rating may receive an alternative upgrade of +1 overall for winning a Semi-Final match. However, this has not yet been verified by EA.

If you are currently interested in Career Mode during EA FC 24’s cycle, consider checking out the top bargain signings, free agents, and promising young players to enhance your club.

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