Easy Pokemon Go mistake costs players huge damage buff to best Ice-type attacker

Many trainers have pointed out a common mistake made with high IV versions of Shadow Mamoswine, the #1 Ice-type attacker in Pokemon Go. Its devastatingly powerful abilities make it a top choice for battles.

Despite the ever-changing metagame in Pokemon Go, Mamoswine has consistently remained a top choice due to its formidable Ice-type moves, making it a formidable opponent in Raids and the Go Battle League against even the most challenging Dragon-type Pokemon.

Upon sharing their experience of catching a Hundo Shadow Swinub from a Team Go Rocket Grunt and referring to it as their “new prized possession,”Reddit user ‘Realistic_Optimist_’ received awe and admiration from fellow trainers for their incredible capture.

I have no words byu/Realistic_Optimist_ inpokemongo

They praised the OP and recommended that it be evolved into Mamoswine and fully powered up, highlighting its status as not only the top Ice-type attacker in Pokemon Go, but also an excellent Ground type.

However, the most notable aspect was a firm remark that stated: “Do not purify it, I am warning you.”This prompted a curious newcomer to inquire about the reason for not purifying Shadow Pokemon, as it typically boosts their Combat Power (CP).

A player responded, stating that Shadow Pokemon have a 20% increase in base attack, making them more effective in raids compared to their 100% IV non-shadow counterparts.

Several individuals noted that the OP received the Pokemon right before the Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids on June 29, 2024, allowing enough time to fully power it up and learn Avalanche as its Second Charged Move. It should be noted that the current move, Frustration, cannot be replaced until a Team Go Rocket event takes place.

In order to utilize this “top-level monster”, all you need is Powder Snow and Avalanche. You can also switch out Frustration for High Horsepower later on to make it a strong Ground-type, but in order to do so, you’ll need to equip it with the Fast Move Mud-Slap.

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