Easy to use Warzone Battle Rifle returns to meta as mid-range beast

The Warzone Battle Rifle, which used to be a popular long-range weapon, has now made a comeback in a different role for Season 4.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the meta weapons are always changing as the developers frequently adjust gun strengths and weaknesses through updates during the season.

Despite often being nerfed after a prolonged period of dominance, powerful weapons have the potential to make a comeback. Such was the case with the SOA Subverter, which patiently bided its time and has now resurfaced in the meta. This long-range option was highly favored upon its arrival in Season 2.

After receiving a nerf in Season 3, this weapon has made a comeback in the meta in a new way. In Warzone Season 4, it has proven to be a top choice for mid-range combat, particularly when equipped with our recommended SOA Subverter loadout.

Attachments like the 7.62x51mm High Grain Rounds and Dozer-90 Long Barrel will raise the weapon’s mid-range TTK. Additionally, pairing the Casus Brake L Muzzle with the Bruen Heavy Support Grip will improve the weapon’s stability, making it easier to accurately hit your shots.

Using these attachments, I noticed that the weapon was significantly more manageable. While it may not be the most suitable choice for long-range battles, its quick TTK in medium-range engagements solidifies its place as a top contender in Season 4.

In fact, renowned Warzone content creator WhosImmortal has included the SOA Subverter in his list of the top 5 loadouts with the best time-to-kill (TTK) in his latest video for Warzone Season 4.

WhosImmortal described the SOA Subverter as the go-to long-range option in the past, but it has now become a mid-ranged powerhouse.

The weapon has been described by the popular content creator as being “easy to use.”They also suggest that players utilize the weapon within its effective damage range in order to take advantage of its fast TTK, which is one of the quickest in the game when used within the “20, 30, 40″meter range.

If you’re seeking a weapon that can easily dominate mid-ranged battles, it’s worth giving this a try. This is especially true on maps such as Rebirth Island, where mid-range engagements are frequent.

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