ENHYPEN Fans Outraged by Tour Profit Distribution

Despite ENHYPEN’s recent tour profits being impressive, their managing company BELIFT LAB has faced backlash from fans who are angered by the results. Billboard reported that ENHYPEN ranked at number 34 in the top tours, with a total of $35.5 million USD earned from 18 shows and nearly 200,000 attendees.

According to a recent KBS News report, the group’s concerts have been a major source of earnings. The report revealed that ENHYPEN’s concert sales totaled ₩49.0 billion KRW (equivalent to $35.7 million USD), which closely matches Billboard’s findings.

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Despite their tour earnings being lucrative, fans were left dissatisfied when a Korean netizen shared these figures on social media. The main source of frustration stems from BELIFT LAB’s perceived failure to reinvest in the group.

Despite the KBS report using the “Sweet Venom”music video as an example, fans have expressed concerns about the perceived “low budget”production quality of the group’s projects. They have criticized its production value, adding to the ongoing discussion about the group’s production quality.

Moreover, ENHYPEN’s devoted supporters have voiced their dissatisfaction with the group’s demanding schedule, believing that the company fails to provide sufficient rewards or progress in return.

A fan expressed their thoughts by stating, “We should hold that company accountable… Despite earning millions, they do not contribute anything to the group.”

In a recent achievement, ENHYPEN has been recognized as a “double million seller”for their mini-album “MANIFESTO: DAY 1.”Within the first day of its release, the album sold 768,603 copies and reached over one million sales within two days, marking it as their first album to accomplish this feat in its debut week.

This accomplishment, along with their previous release “DIMENSION: DILEMMA,”which also achieved sales of over a million copies, solidifies ENHYPEN’s position as the first fourth-generation K-pop group to have two albums reach the million mark on the Hanteo Chart.

Moreover, “MANIFESTO: DAY 1″achieved the top spot on iTunes charts in a minimum of 17 countries. The rapid rise of ENHYPEN, only a year and a half after their debut, highlights their profound influence in the K-pop scene.

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