“Escape” Lee Je-hoon “Approaching Acting As If It’s The Last Work Of My Life”

“Escape”portrays the intense pursuit between North Korean soldier Kyu Nam, who starts his escape for the future, and State Security Department Major Hyun Sang, who chases him to safeguard the present.

The still images, which were made public on June 10th, depict the challenging escape of North Korean soldier Kyu Nam (Lee Je-hoon), garnering interest. Kyu Nam’s determined run through forests, adverse weather, and muddy swamps without hesitation sparks curiosity about his desperate bid for freedom.

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Lee Je-hoon stated, “I believed that this would be an exceptionally demanding physical test and endeavor. My determination exceeded that of any other project.”In order to accurately depict Kyu Nam’s difficult escape, he pushed the boundaries of his physical and endurance capabilities.

To accurately depict the physical appearance of Gyu-nam, Lee Je-hoon made an effort to lose weight. He explained, “This is the first time my entire body silhouette will be showcased. Despite the brief duration of the scene, it was crucial to convey Gyu-nam’s lived experiences. I carefully considered how to accurately portray Gyu-nam’s physical struggles,”showcasing his dedication to his role.

According to reports, Lee Je-hoon faced another obstacle while filming scenes involving an escape. The actor pushed himself to the point of exhaustion, running until he was breathless and his legs were numb, all in order to capture the most realistic and high-quality scenes. Reflecting on this experience, Lee Je-hoon shared, “I ran with the determination that if I couldn’t overcome my limits, I would get caught and lose the audience’s interest. That is why I ran with such desperation.”

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Director Lee Jong-pil, the film’s director, expressed his appreciation for Lee Je-hoon and commended the actor, stating, “After watching the final cut, I was reminded of the immense effort he put in. Despite this, I was delighted to see his lively eyes throughout the film”, sparking interest in Lee Je-hoon’s portrayal.

Lee Je-hoon also shared his love for the film, stating that throughout the project, he constantly contemplated how to effectively portray a character who perseveres even in the most challenging circumstances. He reflected on the concept of desperation each day and reminded himself that ‘Escape’ could potentially be his final project. He fully immersed himself in the narrative and approached filming with this mindset.

The film “Escape”is scheduled to make its debut in theaters on July 3rd.

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