EXO Baekhyun’s ‘Duality’ Shines in New Pictorial Amid Legal Battle With SM Entertainment: ‘Serving Both Looks & Lawsuit Papers’

Baekhyun’s unbothered demeanor has left EXO-Ls amused, showcasing his royal status.

Currently, EXO-CBX is engaged in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment, and the group has been under intense scrutiny since their press conference on June 10, where they aimed to expose the agency’s reported mistreatment.

Despite the ongoing legal dispute, fans were taken aback by member Baekhyun’s latest photoshoot for DAZED Korea.

On Twitter, Eris pulled out all the stops with their amusing reactions to Baekhyun’s stunning visuals and the surprising news of a lawsuit being served.

This is how fans responded to his latest photoshoot:

  • “Stop being so attractive, Byun Baekhyun.”
  • “He’s serving looks while serving lawsuit papers.”
  • “This is like rain in drought season. I feel so alive.”

The clash between EXO-CBX and SM Entertainment began on June 1, 2023, as a result of disagreements over transparency and unjust contract terms.

Eventually, an agreement was reached on June 19, 2023, which resulted in the resolution of the issue. EXO’s contracts were maintained with some modifications made to their activities.

Sadly, INB100, Baekhyun’s agency, announced on June 10, 2024 that they would be holding a press conference to address the issue of SM Entertainment’s unjust treatment. According to sources, the agency was found to have breached the agreement and also attempted to claim a share of the profits from EXO-CBX’s endeavors.

As a result, SM responded to the accusations by releasing a statement in which it accused EXO-CBX of distorting the truth and inciting a war of public opinion. The agency also listed several factors that disproved the trio’s allegations of the agency’s lack of transparency in providing settlements.

Baekhyun then went online to console his fans with his thoughts.

Baekhyun expressed his unwavering dedication to his fans, stating that the reason he founded the company was to connect with more of them. He clarified that his ambitions were not grand and that INB100 did not have to become a large corporation. His main goal was to remain true and faithful to the fans who continuously show their support for him.

Did Baekhyun’s adorable duality leave an impression on you? Are you excited for future photoshoots featuring him? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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