EXO-CBX Press Conference & Accusations Against SM Entertainment: INB100 Responds

The agency representing the trio has issued an official statement.

According to a report released by Korean news outlet Newsen on June 10, EXO-CBX members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin will be holding a press conference in the afternoon of the same day.

EXO-CBX To Hold Press Conference & Accuse SM Of 'Unfair Treatment' + INB100's Official Statement
(Photo: Newsen)

According to reports, INB100 reported that a negotiation took place following EXO-CBX’s legal action against SM Entertainment for unfair treatment, resulting in the successful termination of their exclusive contracts with the agency.

The conflict was resolved through negotiation, with Baekhyun’s company announcing that INB100 would now be responsible for EXO-CBX’s activities.

Regrettably, the agency revealed that SM did not adhere to the terms of the agreement and has additionally requested a 10 percent share of its sales.

INB100 announced that the upcoming conference would address the agency’s unjust behavior, as a result of SM’s inactivity and disregard for the agreement.

“In June last year (2023), EXO-CBX filed legal actions such as the termination of exclusive contracts and a lawsuit with the Fair Trade Commission through a joint statement with SM Entertainment.

During that time, the two parties resolved the situation through negotiations, as both sides agreed that it was important for EXO to continue its normal activities more than anything else.

According to the agreement concluded at that time, INB100 was established to carry out the activities of EXO-CBX and its individual members.

However, SM Entertainment continued to ignore the negotiated terms, which were the foundation of the agreement, and has also demanded 10 percent of the revenue from the artists’ solo activities under INB100.

Moreover, INB100 has sent proof of unfair treatment, but SM Entertainment has not responded to the matter for more than two months. We intend to denounce SM Entertainment’s unfair actions.”

On Twitter, users, including Eris, expressed their reactions to the update, with many expressing anger towards SM Entertainment for ignoring the agreement. However, there were also individuals who were eagerly anticipating the highly-anticipated press conference.

Peruse their responses down below:

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