Expert warns against recreating TikTok influencer’s viral homemade sunscreen

A dermatologist has alerted TikTok users to safeguard themselves from the sun and refrain from copying one influencer’s trending DIY sunscreen.

Nara Smith, also known as ‘naraazizasmith’ on the social media platform TikTok, is receiving criticism for sharing a homemade sunscreen recipe with her 8.1 million followers.

After spending a significant amount of time outside by the pool, Nara requested her husband, Lucky Blue Smith, to create some sunscreen as they had run out. She captured the process on camera and shared it on their TikTok account, hoping to educate viewers on how to make their own sunscreen.

Despite the TikTok receiving over 17.6 million views, viewers were skeptical about the effectiveness of the DIY sunscreen in protecting against UV damage. As it turns out, their doubts were justified as experts advise against attempting to recreate the recipe.


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Nara explained in a calm voiceover that they were all prone to sunburn, so they opted for a sunscreen with a higher SPF. In the meantime, Lucky began combining coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and zinc oxide powder.

Despite many commenters jokingly asking Nara to “make Ozempic from scratch”after quickly labeling her recipe as “crazy,”dermatologists are expressing concern that some viewers may attempt to replicate the “insane”idea of making their own sunscreen.

Dermatologist Dr. Aamna Adel, known as ‘aamnaadel’ on TikTok, shared a video in which she expressed her concern about Nara’s post promoting homemade sunscreen. She admitted being shocked and warned viewers about its potential risks.

According to Dr. Adel, each sunscreen available for purchase undergoes thorough testing to ensure that it effectively shields the skin from UV rays and, most importantly, prevents sunburn.


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“According to her, when creating a homemade sunscreen, it is impossible to know the level of protection it provides. She clarified that sunscreens made from scratch can have an SPF rating ranging from 2% to 10%.”

Since the level of protection provided by DIY sunscreens was uncertain, Dr. Adel suggested that Nara stick to making homemade bubble tea recipes instead.

Despite previous warnings against a dangerous anti-sunscreen trend, experts continue to urge TikTok users to prioritize sun safety. This isn’t the first time they have had to intervene and persuade individuals to avoid ditching SPF entirely.

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