Exploring the Use of Cursed Speech in Jujutsu Kaisen: Toge’s Strategy and the Yuta vs. Sukuna Battle

Toge Inumaki’s unexpected return in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262 Part 2 has left many questioning why he did not utilize Cursed Speech on Sukuna beforehand.

Despite playing a significant role in Jujutsu Kaisen, Toge was noticeably absent from the story for a considerable amount of time. Following his involvement in assisting civilians and sustaining an injury to his arm by Sukuna during the Shibuya Incident, he did not make another appearance for over 100 chapters.

Despite the start of the Shinjuku Showdown, he remained elusive and could not be found. This sparked speculation among fans about his relevance to the story, leading many to believe that he had fulfilled his role and was no longer significant. This assumption was further supported by the numerous deaths of major characters.

However, Toge makes a return in Chapter 262 Part 2, albeit in spirit. It turns out that his absence was actually part of the plan, as Yuta had recorded his voice to utilize Cursed Speech against Sukuna. What is perplexing, though, is why they waited until now to utilize such a powerful technique.

Why didn’t Toge use Cursed Speech on Sukuna before?

Toge refrained from using Cursed Speech on Sukuna in Chapter 262 Part 2, as the recoil of the technique would have been fatal for him due to Sukuna’s full power.

Sukuna stopped by Toge's Cursed Speech as Yuta chants
Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Despite being an inherited technique that infuses the user’s words with cursed energy and forces the target to follow their commands, Cursed Speech may seem like an incredibly strong ability. However, its effectiveness is greatly hindered by significant limitations, making it a challenging skill to utilize.

For the technique to be effective, Toge must use a command. Additionally, the more powerful the command, the more cursed energy it will consume from him. For instance, a command such as “die”will have a greater impact on him compared to commands like “don’t move”and “sleep”.

Due to the large amount of cursed energy needed to perform Cursed Speech, Toge only resorts to using powerful commands when absolutely necessary, as shown in his fights. Additionally, the strength of the rebound increases with the strength of his target, as seen when he employs this technique against Hanami.

Therefore, attempting to use Cursed Speech against Sukuna would ultimately result in certain death. In fact, if he had previously tried to use it against the King of Curses, he would have been immediately killed by the backlash.

Yuta patiently waited for Sukuna to be noticeably weakened by the consecutive attacks, knowing that he also needed to be sufficiently powerful to successfully counter the ancient sorcerer with his Cursed Speech.

Despite Sukuna being weakened, his strength was still so great that a mere command to “not move”caused serious harm to Toge’s vocal chords, resulting in him coughing up blood.

The Shinjuku Showdown has been ongoing for quite some time. Since its start, Sukuna has emerged victorious against numerous opponents, notably Satoru Gojo. However, with Gojo’s passing, the task of defeating the King of Curses has become nearly impossible.

Toge coughs up blood and Sukuna is unable to move as Yuta uses Hollow Purple
Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Following Gojo, Yuta is the sorcerers’ next great hope. He currently holds the title of strongest hero, but his defeat and near-death experience at the hands of Sukuna during their initial confrontation forced the sorcerers to resort to their final and most desperate tactic.

Through the use of Kenjaku’s cursed technique, Yuta was able to transfer his consciousness into Gojo’s lifeless body. This allowed him to tap into Gojo’s Six Eyes and Limitless abilities. However, this exchange resulted in Yuta losing his own physical form and humanity. He now faces a difficult decision – to either accept living in another person’s body or to face certain death.

Knowing that this was his final opportunity to defeat Sukuna, he meticulously planned every detail and kept Toge’s role in the fight a secret for as long as possible. Once Sukuna was weakened enough to be susceptible to Cursed Speech without causing Toge’s death, he utilized the record to immobilize the ancient sorcerer.

Utilizing Sukuna’s immovability, he successfully recites the chant of Hollow Purple. The second part of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262 concluded with Yuta completing the chant and unleashing the power of Hollow Purple.

Nonetheless, it remains uncertain if Sukuna is affected by the attack as there is a possibility that he may overcome Toge’s Cursed Speech and defend himself just in time. This revelation will be made known in Chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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