Fans React to Emotional Big Bang Theory Episode Before Season 7 Finale

Fans of Young Sheldon have discovered solace in a previous installment of The Big Bang Theory following the passing of George. It serves as the ideal choice to view before the finale.

If you were to ask the biggest Big Bang Theory fan you knew five years ago if they would be emotionally impacted by George’s death in Young Sheldon, they likely would have shrugged it off. After all, Sheldon’s character in the original sitcom was often portrayed as a drunk and unfaithful fool.

Currently, Chuck Lorre and his team are facing the aftermath of introducing such a well-loved character. The Grim Reaper has paid a visit to George, resulting in widespread heartbreak around the globe.

As the prequel nears its end and the final episode approaches, fans are searching for some form of comfort. Luckily, they won’t have to look far as The Big Bang Theory’s Season 12 Episode 10, ‘The VCR Illumination,’ features a crossover with Young Sheldon that is sure to bring some much-needed joy.

The episode depicts Sheldon’s difficulty coping with the disproval of his paper. Following Leonard’s suggestion, he turns to the one person whose judgement he values: himself. However, it’s not Jim Parsons who provides the guidance, but a video featuring a young Iain Armitage.

Unfortunately, his father had accidentally recorded over it with one of his college football games. However, as the episode continued, Amy continued to watch and eventually George appeared on screen to give a pep talk to the team. He imparted the wisdom that one can learn just as much, if not more, about themselves and their strengths through failure as they can through success. This inspiring message motivated Georgie to jump up and shout, “Yeah, let’s give ’em hell!”

This inspires Sheldon and leads him and Amy to discover a different perspective for their research. As Amy quickly leaves, Sheldon pauses to look at the image of his father on the screen. “Thank you, Dad. We’ll show them what we’re made of,”he declares.

One user shared on Reddit that they cried while watching the last episode of TBBT, stating “Cried my eyes out in front of TBBT again after last episode.”Another user commented that they had a similar experience while watching the most recent episode of Young Sheldon, saying “I did the same thing…it gave me closure and helped me dry my tears.”

After rewatching this, I was once again moved to tears. George’s portrayal as a father and educator is so heartfelt. He truly is a unique character. As the show progresses and Sheldon grows up, I hope they include a scene where George appears as a spirit to express his pride and love for Sheldon. This would add a meaningful touch to the storyline, as a fourth viewer also suggested.

“I’m making sure to watch that episode before Thursday’s finale since it’s connected to last week’s ending. The scene has a different significance now that we know the sudden events that occurred. Despite BBT’s depiction of him, the fifth commenter mentioned that he didn’t die as a despised or villainous father/husband.”

One more moment worth watching is when Sheldon and Howard’s father-in-law share a beer together.

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