Fashion Industry Professional Mocked Belift Lab’s Claim of “ILLIT-core”

On June 11, the Korean forum theqoo featured a post titled “ILLIT-core from a fashion industry expert,”which garnered more than 60,000 views and 200 comments, sparking interest.

Specifically, the paragraph discusses Belift Lab’s assertion of having developed a unique style known as “ILLIT-core,”which distinguishes their girl group, ILLIT, from others.

Despite a fashion industry professional’s harsh criticism of the claim, they question, “Which aspect of the fashion world is adopting the new term ‘ILLIT-core’? I have been a part of the industry for many years and have been involved in numerous seasonal launches, yet I have never encountered the term ‘ILLIT-core’ in this realm.”

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Despite its significant impact on fashion for young women, the term “NewJeans-core”has never been used to describe the popular trend brought about by NewJeans. Similarly, even the renowned South Korean icon GD has never been labeled as “GD-core”. As for Ailite, their outfits are merely stage costumes that are not suitable for everyday wear, according to the statement. The flashy stage costumes of Ailite do not possess the natural grace that would warrant the use of the term “core”; they are simply extravagant performance attires.

Additionally, the fashion industry expert characterized ILLIT as a group that lacks the ability to set trends in the fashion industry and therefore would not have a significant impact on brand reference meetings during season planning.

Most netizens in the comment section appear to support this assessment. A majority of them ridicule the use of the term “ILLIT-core”and criticize the company for their arrogance in promoting it.

The following are comments from online users:

  • ILLIT-core is a stretch, even ILLIT is not that well-recognized around me
  • Belift Lab is not taking the basic search terms seriously and is simply playing around.
  • Why are they discussing a nonexistent topic? Is there a parallel universe that is known only to them?
  • Forget ILLIT-core, Min Hee-jin core is way more popular
  • I don’t work in the fashion industry, but I work in the design industry. This is my first time hearing about ILLIT-core LOL

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