FaZe Swagg and TimTheTatman Accuse Squad of Cheating in $1M World Series of Warzone Event

FaZe Swagg and TimTheTatman have revealed that a player used wall and aim hacks during the 2024 World Series of Warzone group qualifier, exposing them for cheating.

As the first day of the WSOW qualifier began, multiple players were accused of cheating, with one team in particular drawing the scrutiny of several streamers.

Players chefgapparoni, Keriboh, and Onoy, who are currently ranked 43 in the NA group qualifier, have faced accusations of hacking during official WSOW match days.

TimTheTatman was one of the first streamers to become aware of the squad’s alleged hacking. This happened during the WSOW’s in-game open, when Tim’s squad (which included DrDisrespect) was eliminated in a dubious manner.

Upon spectating Onoy and watching their kill cams, it becomes apparent how precise their pre-aiming was and how skilled their tracking was when shooting through the smoke.

Nevertheless, he also observed that the player’s gameplay in the impressive kill cams appeared to be different from when they were being spectated. This caused Tim to suspect that Onoy had deactivated their hacks upon realizing they were being monitored.

“Tim speculated that the individual in question may have been using hacks. He believed that the person had initially activated the hacks, but then noticed that Tim and others were watching and quickly turned them off.”

During the group qualifiers, other popular streamers such as FaZe Swagg also qualified. He too noticed the squad and accused one of the members of being a hacker. Swagg stated, “The individual exposed themselves.”

On this occasion, it was chefgapparoni, another player, who Swagg pointed out was prematurely revealing the positions of enemies before they even appeared on their screen. This information was captured live from their streamed point of view.

Another video that has been circulating shows chefgapparoni displaying exceptional tracking skills as they shoot at opponents, leading some to accuse them of using an aim-bot.

Naturally, the validity of these assertions cannot be confirmed unless Activision intervenes or RICOCHET uncovers evidence of cheating among any members of the teams.

As of now, the team is still competing in the group qualifier for the World Series of Warzone, currently holding the 43rd spot.

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