FEARNOT’s Emotional Post About LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Ruthless’ Hate Train Draws Attention: ‘It’s Gotten Too Far’

A post expressing strong emotions towards the current hate directed at LE SSERAFIM was shared by a fan on X (Twitter).

Fans are well aware that this year, in 2024, the group has faced intense hatred, from their music show encores to their Coachella performance. They have also been caught in the middle of a conflict between companies ADOR and HYBE Labels.

A post shared by instagram

On May 14, members of an online community titled, “A Fan’s Post Regarding LE SSERAFIM on Twitter,”assembled. The writer shared a screenshot of FEARNOT’s extended post discussing the backlash against the group. The complete translation can be found below.

“I seriously feel like dying from a mental disease. Now everyone is saying how Eunchae is boy-crazy just because she stood next to a male idol MC while smiling.

Today, upon seeing her Instagram, people were bullshi**ing about how her expressions were too dark-looking and were asking her if she could control her expressions. F**k, no matter where it is, if you go on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or at school, everyone swears at LE SSERAFIM.

It’s been so hard for me lately to the point I almost quit being a fan. However, after going to the fanmeeting, I started liking them so much again that I told myself, ‘I have to keep fangirling,’ but then I went to Instagram again and saw Kazuha got her bangs done.

I then saw those company stans saying that she looks like XX and now, she gets intertwined with these people no matter where she goes. They’re face-shaming such a kind and pretty kid, and they talk so much nonsense that I seriously felt like losing my mind again.

So, that’s why I feel like those f**kers will always make a fuss until they kill the kids. I’m already getting so much stress seeing this, I can’t believe how much these people are enjoying this. There are so many f**kers in this world that I can’t help but swear haha.

This is getting so creepy with the amount of hate they have, do they not realize how wrong they are? Why is our country like that? I wish a Tyrannosaurus would catch and kill them, ah, I want to cry.”

FEARNOT's Emotional Post About LE SSERAFIM's 'Ruthless' Hate Train Draws Attention: 'It's Gotten Too Far'
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The fan’s post received reactions from netizens in the following manner:

  • “If you’re that stressed. Why aren’t you getting off the internet and go talk to your friend or something? Just go live in your real life.”
  • “No matter what happens to artists, they are gonna be managed by their company and taken care of.”
  • “Instead, maybe think about taking care of your own life first? I feel like this OP must be a young student.”
  • “It’s true that it’s gotten too far lately.”
  • “The YouTube comments are especially awful, it reminds me of the TWICE encore days.”
  • “Me too whenever there’s a celebrity I like who ends up hitting big and gets into a controversy, I need to get a digital detox from the internet. I can understand OP, it must be hard.”
  • “I feel bad for the fans.”
  • “Hybe is the one at fault, why aren’t people focused on bashing HYBE?”

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