Five Years After Burning Sun: The Current Status of Seungri and Jung Joon-young

Five years have gone by since the infamous “Burning Sun Gate”scandal in 2019 that rocked Korea. Although the legal punishment for those involved has been served, the repercussions continue to linger. While some of the implicated celebrities have resumed their activities and try to move on, others have suffered from the damaging effects of baseless speculations that have ruined their careers.

Seungri and Jung Joon-young have reentered society. Seungri, who was implicated in the “Burning Sun Gate”scandal, has been given a prison sentence of one and a half years for his involvement in procuring prostitution, violating the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act, embezzlement, and illegal gambling with a sum of 2 billion won.


Ever since his release from prison, Seungri has been constantly in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Shortly after his release, he threw a lavish birthday party in Thailand, which raised many eyebrows. Adding to the controversy, he was seen dancing to a Big Bang song and mentioning G-Dragon at an event in Cambodia. His attempts to open a club in Hong Kong have also caused quite a stir, as he has been accused of cheating on two women at the same time.

In March 2019, Jung Joon-young was arrested and charged for raping a drunk woman twice, once in Hongcheol, Gangwon Province in January 2016 and again in Daegu in March of the same year. Additionally, he was accused of filming a sexual encounter with a woman without her consent and sharing the video with multiple acquaintances in a private chat room. As a result, Jung Joon-young was sentenced to five years in prison and was released in March after serving his sentence.

Jung Joon Young

After being released from prison, Jung Joon-young was reportedly contemplating a return to the music industry. However, he was recently spotted at a club in France where he was accused of attempting to seduce a woman. Photos of him at the club, surrounded by colorful lights, were also shared online, leading to widespread criticism.

However, there were also individuals who suffered major career setbacks due to their alleged involvement in the “Burning Sun Gate.”Go Joon-hee and Song Dae-eun, who were both implicated as “Burning Sun actresses,”are prime examples. As a result, Go Joon-hee was forced to withdraw from a drama she had been cast in for 2019, leading to a lengthy hiatus from her career.

go joon hee

Recently on a YouTube show, Go Joon-hee expressed, “I have no connection to Burning Sun and I am not familiar with its location. Despite repeatedly denying any involvement for years, my explanations were always edited out by the media. This caused great distress to my mother, who ultimately developed otolithiasis. The thought of my mother’s illness brings me to tears. She even hid her condition from me, possibly due to my involvement in the scandal.”Go has recently revealed her plans to return to the theater.

song da eun thumbnail

Despite being falsely accused of being an “actress in Burning Sun,” Song Dae-eun, who gained popularity through the popular show “Heart Signal,” suffered significant career setbacks. She shared, “As a result, I was removed from all the dramas I was set to appear in, and I struggled every day with feelings of hopelessness and tears. The false rumor continues to haunt me, hindering my ability to participate in live activities such as commercials and radio shows.”

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