Forgotten Destiny 2 Exotic Catalyst Rework Finally Makes It Worth Using

The rework of one of Destiny 2’s oldest Exotics, The Final Shape, has caused players to applaud the significant increase in power it provides.

In 2018, the auto rifle was introduced in the Forsaken expansion and has since been steadily gaining popularity since the chaos of The Final Shape has subsided. After its alteration, the Focused Fire perk, which can now be unlocked with the Cerberus+1’s Catalyst, operates in the following manner:

“Pressing the reload button after delivering a final blow with this weapon will replenish ammo in the magazine and switch to a more focused spread that inflicts greater damage.”

The Catalyst’s initial purpose enabled Guardians to effortlessly switch to Focused Fire mode at any time without a damage increase, which is now being contradicted.

“It’s surprising that no one is discussing the improved Cerberus+1 after the Catalyst rework,”expressed a player on Reddit, expressing astonishment that Bungie’s update had gone unnoticed.

Upon reviewing replies to the original post, it became evident that Guardians had not previously taken notice of the buff. One individual responded, “Wow, I definitely need to try that out on my War Rig Titan.”

Another person stated, “There is a lot of new stuff, I almost forgot about the change. I will give it a try. It sounds like it will be enjoyable!”

“Even though it used to suck, this Exotic remains my all-time favorite. I can’t wait to give it a try,”exclaimed one enthusiastic Guardian.

Destiny 2's Dreaming City location

Cerberus+1 was added in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion

Despite not being explicitly stated in the game, it is worth noting that Focused Fire removes the effects of damage drop-off. In other words, it has a reverse damage penalty, causing it to be less powerful at close distances but highly lethal against distant enemies and fellow Guardians.

Despite the current dominance of the Khvostov 7G-0X in the Primary Exotic meta, it is unlikely that the Cerberus+1 will become a top-tier meta choice at the same time. However, it has already gained popularity in Crucible matches. As balance adjustments for the Khvostov 7G-0X have been confirmed, it is possible that the Cerberus+1 will see increased usage in the near future.

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