Former WINNER Member Denies Dating Violence Allegations Made By Ex-Girlfriend

On July 10th, Nam Tae-hyun took to his personal SNS account to share a lengthy post. In it, he expressed his disappointment upon discovering that his ex-girlfriend had written about her previous relationship. He felt that she only highlighted the faults of her ex-boyfriend and failed to mention the complete context and other aspects of the story.

He persisted, stating, “The topic she is writing about revolves around the intimate details of a couple from 2-3 years ago”, and further clarifying, “Despite our frequent arguments, I can attest that there was never any one-sided dating violence during that period.”

nam tae hyun seo min jae

After apologizing to each other for the pain we caused and reconciling, Nam Tae-hyun and I maintained a good relationship. However, when I entered the rehabilitation center and focused on my recovery, our communication was disrupted. Nevertheless, we continued to maintain a positive relationship until recently.

Nam Tae-hyun recently disclosed that they had ended their relationship, stating, “I came to the realization that continuing to see each other would not benefit either of us, so we decided to cut off communication.”He also shared, “I am uncertain about what my ex-girlfriend may share about our challenging past, but I have no intention of addressing or being involved in her perspective in the future.”

Finally, he expressed, “My hope is for my former friend to find happiness and let go of her animosity towards others, finding inner peace within herself.”

Earlier this month, Seo Min-jae made public a lengthy statement in which she asserted that Nam Tae-hyun had threatened her by sending her private photos that he had previously promised to delete.

In 2022, it was revealed that Seo Min-jae had been in a romantic relationship with Nam Tae-hyun. This was brought to light when Seo Min-jae made claims on social media that she had used drugs with the male singer. As a result, both of them were investigated for purchasing and using methamphetamine at their residence in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Following the investigation, Nam Tae-hyun was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation, while Seo Min-jae received a 10-month prison sentence and two years of probation.

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