Fortnite players report that the broken invincible car glitch has resurfaced, but there is a caveat.

The exploit that allows players to turn any Mythic car into an invincible winning machine may have resurfaced in Fortnite during Chapter 5 Season 3. However, there is a caveat.

The bug was first identified during this season after the three Mythic Nitro cars were released. However, on July 2, 2024, another version of the glitch was found due to the addition of Magneto’s Power gauntlets.

Numerous posts have surfaced on various Fortnite social media accounts, including TikTok and other platforms, showcasing the newly discovered technique.

Although some players may have become confused with the previous method, performed it incorrectly, or claimed it has already been fixed, the creator Major Meowzer and others maintain that it is still functional.

“As Major Meowzer stated in their YouTube video, the invincible car glitch has returned and it’s even simpler to execute than before,”they announced, and went on to say:

To perform the glitch, you will need both the Magneto gloves and a helper. Begin by having your helper sit inside the car. Then, use the shield ability to push the car inside the cage.

Once inside, your teammate can exit the car and either use their own pair of Magneto gloves or retrieve yours from the top of the cage. Then, all they have to do is push the car out and it will become fully unbreakable.

Major Meowzer warned the players that a key detail could catch them out: their teammate would remain trapped in the cage unless they used the Medallion to free them. However, using the Medallion would also remove the car’s invincibility.

According to a post by Fortnite creator Relishh on Instagram, players inside the cage can escape by knocking themselves out and getting revived by a friend. This is said to maintain the invincibility effect of the Mythic Nitro car even after leaving the cage.

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