Fortnite’s Potential Collaboration with Deadpool and Wolverine Gains Momentum

There is a possibility that Fortnite’s collaborations with Marvel may expand further, as there are talks of a potential crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine.

According to Shiina, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are currently engaged in a press tour to promote their new film, and are also making appearances with creators of Fortnite content.

In the shared photo, the actors were pictured posing with Trymacs, a German Fortnite content creator, while the Deadpool skin could be seen on a screen in the background of the Fortnite lobby.

Hypex, a data miner on Twitter, was the first to share news about this crossover. They revealed that Epic Games was revamping the old Wolverine Claws Mythic weapon specifically for Season 4.

The speculations align with the leaked roadmap, which revealed the upcoming crossovers planned for the game in 2024. The leak has proven to be reliable thus far, increasing the likelihood that this crossover will indeed come to fruition.

What to expect from the crossover?

If Epic Games plans on promoting the movie, it is likely that they will release a mini-event pass featuring skins for both characters, as they have done in the past with other characters.

During the event, participants can anticipate completing special missions that offer bonus XP, aiding in their progression and acquisition of cosmetics from the current Battle Pass.

In addition, these skins may also make their debut in the upcoming Marvel-inspired Chapter 5 Season 4, joining other iconic characters from the MCU.

We will keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available. If you’re struggling to level up your Battle Pass, be sure to complete all of the Summer event quests as well as the weekly quests.

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