G-Dragon Personally Reveals KAIST Ambassador Appointment Certificate

On June 7th, G-Dragon caught the public’s eye when he shared a photo on his social media showcasing the KAIST jumper and his appointment certificate.

The certificate that G-Dragon shared featured his name, Kwon Ji-yong, and also stated that he had been appointed as a Global Ambassador for KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).


Moreover, G-Dragon captured the public’s attention by posting pictures of himself donning the KAIST jumper and other visuals featuring KAIST, including robots.

On the same day, G-Dragon was named a visiting professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST. This appointment serves to connect KAIST’s cutting-edge scientific advancements with K-content and the cultural industry in order to strengthen the international competitiveness of Korean culture.


G-Dragon’s company, Galaxy Corporation, and KAIST have partnered to conduct collaborative research in the field of “entertainment technology”and create the “KAIST-Galaxy Corporation Entertainment Technology Research Center”(tentative name) within the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

G-Dragon shared, “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a visiting professor at KAIST, a prestigious university known for producing numerous scientific geniuses. I am excited to see the potential for a powerful collaboration, similar to a ‘Big Bang’, between top experts in science and technology and my expertise in entertainment.”

“While I was told from a young age that I was a genius, I have come to realize that the true geniuses are the students here at KAIST. I am eager to learn from and collaborate with them in the future. Through my work, I also hope to increase public awareness and understanding of our country’s advancements in science and technology.”

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