G-Dragon Shares Updates on Upcoming Comeback Soon, Soon

G-Dragon was present at the “Innovate Korea 2024” talk show on June 5th, which took place at the Ryu Keun-chul Sports Complex at KAIST’s main campus in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.

The talk show highlighted the presence of G-Dragon, CEO of Galaxy Corporation Choi Yong-ho, President of KAIST Lee Kwang-hyung, and a student body representative. On the same day, G-Dragon was also announced as a visiting professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department.


In terms of the future of entertainment technology, G-Dragon expressed the belief that he must perform before anything else can happen.

The speaker described how they utilized advanced technology for their previous concert. However, due to the constant and rapid developments in technology, there are now numerous possibilities and ideas they wish to incorporate into their performances. They are currently in the process of exploring ways to seamlessly integrate and synchronize these technologies. Ultimately, they believe it is necessary to first perform before fully implementing these advancements.

During the event, several attendees asked G-Dragon about his upcoming comeback, a subject that has piqued the interest of many. In response, G-Dragon jokingly stated, “I actually wanted to ask about that myself. Perhaps if we could devise an algorithm, we could figure it out.”He then quickly added, “Just kidding.”

The speaker also briefly mentioned his plans for a comeback, using the phrase “Soon, soon”while remaining cautious.

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