George R.R. Martin’s Comments Fuel Rumors of Elden Ring Movie Amid Shadow of the Erdtree Hype

George R. R. Martin has tantalizingly hinted at the possibility of an Elden Ring film, just days after Hidetaka Miyazaki made a similar suggestion.

FromSoftware’s latest DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring, continues their streak of successful releases. The DLC has received glowing reviews, including our own, and although it was initially criticized for its difficulty, many players have since revised their opinions after completing it.

The excitement for the expansion was so immense before its release that even the creator of the Elden Ring manga paused to play it. Whenever a work of fiction experiences this level of popularity, discussions about potential screen adaptations usually arise.

Elden Ring co-creator George R. R. Martin has added more fuel to the recent rumors surrounding an Elden Ring movie. In fact, he poured in a 30-gallon drum of gasoline.

Elden Ring Age of Stars Ending
FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

The Elden Ring movie must have three possible endings that we vote on as an audience…

The possibility of an Elden Ring movie sparked a great deal of excitement when FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki stated his desire to create one. However, he also mentioned that they would require a capable partner in the film industry to begin production.

“When asked about the potential for an Elden Ring movie, Miyazaki stated that he saw no reason to reject another interpretation or adaptation of the game. However, he acknowledged that neither himself nor FromSoftware possess the expertise or capability to produce a project in a different medium.”

It seems that the hunt for an individual possessing the required knowledge and skills is currently in progress, as evidenced by a seemingly straightforward blog post from George R. R. Martin. The writer and co-author of Elden Ring strongly hinted at the existence of an ongoing project.

“Regarding the rumors circulating about a potential Elden Ring feature film or television series, I will not be commenting on the matter. I have no information to share and have not made any statements or hints about it. Any rumors you may have heard are purely speculative.”

Deciphering tone through written communication can be challenging, but this specific excerpt from the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire carries a strong sense of a younger sibling teasing you with knowledge you do not possess.

We will definitely monitor any updates on the Elden Ring film that Mr. Martin may claim to be unaware of.

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