Getting Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go

In order to obtain all three-page rewards for the Peg-E Prize Drop, a significant amount of event-specific Tokens will be required. These chips can be found in the following locations.

Similar to the Partners Event, there are no Peg-E Tokens scattered around the board for you to collect. However, no single event will provide you with enough tokens to see you through, so you must thoroughly explore every corner of the dice roller.

Additionally, the current Peg-E has a limited runtime, concluding on July 2. Therefore, it is important to be more efficient than usual. Here is everything you need to know about Monopoly Go’s Peg-E tokens and how to obtain them.

Getting Peg-E Prize Drop Tokens in Monopoly Go

To earn Peg-E chips in Monopoly Go, players can participate in Events, Tournaments, Quick Wins, and Free Gifts, or purchase them with real money. Additionally, players can also obtain these tokens by hitting one of the Peg-E machine’s bumpers multiple times.

This paragraph provides a comprehensive overview of the different methods for obtaining Peg-E Tokens and what results you can anticipate.

Events & tournaments

The most effective methods for obtaining Peg-E chips in Monopoly Go are through events and leaderboards. As these chips are not available on the game board, participating in events is the primary way to acquire them. Among the various events, solo challenges yield the highest number of chips. Currently, the only solo challenge available is All You Can Win, which offers a generous 1,016 chips.

In addition to leaderboards, tournaments are another source for earning a substantial amount of these chips. For instance, participating in the Slice and Dice tournament will award you with 205 Tokens upon completing its 30 milestones.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins tab in Monopoly Go Peg-E

Quick Wins are a convenient and effortless way to obtain Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go. These challenges reset on a daily basis and consist of three categories, which typically involve simple tasks such as “Roll Five Times”or “Upgrade Landmarks.”

The “WINS”section located at the bottom-left of your screen contains the list of challenges and rewards.

Although the rewards may not be substantial, typically 3-7 for each completed challenge in Quick Win, they are straightforward and should not be disregarded, especially if resources are limited.

Free Gifts

“Tokens can also be obtained through Free Gifts, although like Quick Wins, the quantity may be limited. These gifts are aptly named as they require no effort on your part. They become available every eight hours and if you have notifications enabled, our helpful old man will remind you when they can be collected again.”

Free Gifts in Monopoly Go

Simply go to the shop and scroll through the topmost section. It will take you four swipes before you come across it. Free Gifts should always be checked as they offer dice and event-specific tokens whenever they are available.

Getting Items for the Peg-E Machine

The Peg-E machine will have either cash, dice, or tokens on its two bumpers. By hitting them repeatedly, you will eventually receive the reward.

After claiming one, another will automatically appear. Therefore, once you have claimed the Token, it will be the one that was not available before. We suggest alternating between dice and Tokens, as they hold greater significance.

Generally, these are the various methods for obtaining Peg-E chips in Monopoly Go. Typically, the chips you can earn should be sufficient to obtain all the rewards, but it is important to have good rolls of the dice and actively participate in the game.

Purchasing with real money

While we don’t want to be judgmental, we don’t advise spending money on this particular game. It lacks the feature of Wild Stickers as a reward. However, purchasing Tokens with your hard-earned money is still a possibility.

shop in Monopoly Go

The left side of your screen will constantly display available offers, allowing you to view all the active ones and choose which one you would like to take advantage of.

Several offer a series of rewards, with a few being complimentary, but to access additional rewards, you may need to make a purchase.

It is worth checking out these freebies, even if you don’t intend to spend money. You can always back out after claiming the early ones for free.

What happens to the leftover Peg-E Tokens?

Any remaining chips earned from playing Peg-E Prize Drop in Monopoly Go will be exchanged for either dice or cash. Alternatively, you can choose to use them in the Peg-E machine and continue playing even after reaching all the milestones.

By following this method, you have the potential to acquire a large amount of dice and cash, possibly exceeding the amount you would gain through conversion. Our suggestion is to not worry about it and simply keep utilizing them.

In a dice roller, the quantity of dice rolls directly correlates with better chances. Therefore, increase your chances even more by accessing these daily dice links, ensuring preparedness for Peg-E’s next return.

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