(G)I-DLE Soyeon and Miyeon: On Dreams and Relationships

On July 9, the YouTube channel “geean84″released a video titled “(G)I-DLE’s Wine-terview,”featuring Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-DLE as guests. The video, hosted by Kian84, covered a variety of topics.

During their conversation, Kian84 inquired about Miyeon’s thoughts on acting. Soyeon then mentioned that they would be working together as a team and that Miyeon would have the opportunity to act with the rest of the team. In response, Miyeon emphasized her role as the main vocalist and expressed her passion for singing.

soyeon miyeon gi-dle

When asked about her future plans, Soyeon expressed her desire to continue producing songs as a songwriter. She also hopes to remain an idol for as long as possible, without having to make way for younger artists. Ultimately, her dream is to become a mother. Although she initially planned on having children at the age of 28, she realizes that time passes quickly. In terms of her ideal partner, Soyeon prefers someone who is not overly ambitious or materialistic, but rather someone who values pursuing happiness. She believes it would be best if her partner did not have a lot of money, as she tends to be quite ambitious and greedy in that aspect.

During a conversation, Miyeon stated, “I cannot guarantee whether or not I will enter a relationship, but our contract does not forbid dating.”She also mentioned, “My ideal type is someone who is perfect, just like me.”Kian84 responded, “No one is flawless. Even someone who appears perfect like you must have imperfections.”

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